Watching Charlie Pickering’s take on the week last night, Kitty’s segment about “earthing” appears to be a another scam filled … thing. A quck internet search showed that it is apparently widespread (first I’ve heard of it though!), with plenty of merchandise for sale, such as this:

As pointed out by Charlie, metal toasters are earthed, so why not strap one on to get all the benefits of the expensive kits with an item you already own! Or, you could use Kitty’s method of making shoes of earth-filled planter boxes :wink:


Wow… unreal. Thanks for sharing this @gordon, I’ll pass it onto our content team.

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@gordon and @BrendanMays

Just had a look at the website and it is a bit of snake oil. There is nothing on the website that proves it works.

The videos are also quite amusing, especially the video about the earthing mat. As one’s skin has to be in direct contact with the mat one sits on, it means that one would have to be sitting in undies assuming ones legs touch the mat, , pull one’s dress up to ones hip (to ensure upper leg contact with the mat on the seat) or maybe go naked from the waist down (to ensure best contact. I am not sure how most business code of conduct would see such activities in the work environment.

I however got my earthing this morning as I got dirty hands by working in the garden…however, maybe I need a earth grounding tester to check that I actually I did earth myself.

The only possible benefit would be if one worked in proximity to very high voltages (metres away) whereby the EMF results in ones body becoming slightly charged…but for the average person, this environment will never occur unless one works in a high voltage substation or up a transmission line tower. The other situation would be an electronic technician that can cause problems if built up static is allowed to discharge into sensitive electronic components…but this is a very expensive solution.

It is definitely one for the shonky awards.

The other concern is plugging a conductive material in contact with the human skin into a power socket (even though it is supposed to be only the earth). Something that should never be recommended especially if there is earth leakage, the existing earth is not functioning and/or the circuit is not fitted with a earth safety switch.

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Indeed, I used to do some work with my electrician father and tingles from supposedly earthed plumbing systems were often 20+VAC, and I once had a shower in a motel in WA that gave a pretty serious tingle when you touched the shower head (which I reported to the manager, as it could be dangerous for someone with a dodgy ticker)
Wrist earthing straps for electronics workers are way less expensive than this nonsense!

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Earthing is all about feeling the vibration of the earth and nature for which you absolutely do not need and should not purchase a special anything! Walk on the grass or sand with bare feet, go for a walk on the beach or in the park - that’s what it is all about - there’s always some joker that wants to make a quid out of everything. I loved Kitty’s segment.

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I stumbled across this topic this morning and tried your link which is now dead but I went to the home page.

I then clicked on an article on Nine.com.au and, surprise, surprise, there was an ad at the top of the page for “Earthing”.

What an “unbelievable coincidence” but the earthing scam is obviously still going strong.

But in the Journal of Pious Malarky they published a study that showed it made people feel better.

I couldn’t find any decent studies, some have really obvious methodological flaws such as comparison of treated and untreated subjects with no blinding. Another obvious omission is no measurement that subjects actually have a charge other than that of the local ground. If anybody can find counter example studies please tell me.

Not recommended for high voltage power line workers on the job I’d suggest.

Like them, I like to let my voltage float, rather than tying it to the deck …

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