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Hi…looking for e scooter reviews from choice but all searches…e- scooters, electric scooters etc take me to electric bike reviews…?

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I don’t believe Choice has specifically reviewed e-scooters. The community has some threads to get you started:


If you do decide to purchase one, make sure it is a reputable brand from a reliable seller. There are poor quality, cheap e-scooters where the batteries are inferior and catch on fire, causing house fires. The ACCC and Fire Services have issued warnings about poor quality batteries and risk of fires.



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Generally, electric scooters have until recently been illegal to ride on anything but private property.

I wouldn’t expect Choice to be involved in testing or reviewing these things. Maybe that could change as juristictions start to allow them on the roads and public paths.


Thx for your reply…

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The regulation of e-scooters differs for each state and territory. Hopefully you have found the latest regulated requirements on your government web pages. They are subject to regular change, hence best to not rely on any other sources without first checking what is said with due legal diligence.

On future reviews:
Choice is based in Sydney. Currently NSW only permits the use of Scooters in a limited number of public spaces and only if they are hired from an approved service. That may present some extra challenges when looking at availability of models to test and establishing a suitable test site.

A further challenge is models that may be legal in one state may not be legally useable in an other. Hence does Choice only test models legal in all states or add models specific to each state/territory?

Of note QLD has now deleted any restriction on electric motor power. There is a new requirement for the maximum speed to be absolutely limited to 25kph, and for riders to observe 12kph when riding on footpaths. Personal observations around Brisbane recently suggest compliance varies, as does enforcement.

Take care in what you decide if and when you make a purchase. General feedback on how it has turned out for QLD - an early adopter (10 fatalities and 952 seriously injured over 2.5 years)
Get the facts | StreetSmarts - Queensland Government

Thank you for your response :blush:

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