Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner reliability & warranty

Hi all, long time member, first community post.

Old Dyson DC 05 needs replacing, parts no longer available.

Service company told me to be wary new Dysons not as reliable, as old models due to absence of motor filters.

A shorter life of 300 hours was mentioned which seems very pessimistic.

Also, the UK Dyson website states barrel vacuum models have a 5 year warranty, whereas in Australia it is 2 years.

Comments, please.



Choice regularly tests vacuum cleaners and it maybe worthwhile getting the latest article to see what other models are available.

We have a Miele which had good test results and have been very happy with it. It has bags though but the annual costs to run is about $5-10 (or about 1-2 bags).

We looked at the Dyson but the high pitched frequency during operation was very irritating to me and why we dismissed it as an option.

I have also heard about shorter design life for Dyson …maybe the company, like many others around today, think their vacuum cleaners are a throwaway commodity…or something like TVs that the consumer will ‘upgrade’ regularly and before the end of its life.


Hi @Dennis44,
I’ve pinned your topic in case any other Community members have some experience with the new Dysons they’d like to share.

Here’s a link to our vacuum cleaner test for anyone interested.

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I am astounded by the multiple varieties in a single brand that can be purchased. Almost confusing in the selection choices that can be made. Why not a single, well designed, all purpose, product that can be used to do all jobs well, as after all the sucking of air through a tube into a container is what all of them ultimately do (perhaps a Wet and Dry variety might extend the production to 2 types).

I know some will point to pricing and so on but still the number of choices is …


One of the lessons in retailing 101 is to not give the customer too many choices or he will become confused and shop elsewhere. I’ll take it one step further that (eg) Electrolux and Dyson both have high and bottom rated products with neither seeming to be related to price. Such is the wonderful world of marketing these days :frowning:


I had an early model dyson which worked a treat but was hard to manoeuvre and thrashed the woodwork to pieces because I wouldn’t lift it. I eventually bought a Miele which is great, apart from the bags. Also they do not provide an ample array of ‘heads’ to do every task, as my old Dyson included. I will also mention that both my daughters have newish Dysons. When I use them I concur that I would never go back to one as they have lost power and seem flimsy compared to what they once were.


We bought an Electrolux based on Choice reviews about 8 years ago: it initially worked well. But then the plastic on the wand handle started, well, rotting (becoming brittle and cracking, then with bits falling off): we’ve now been through two handles. Also, our daughters long hair clogs the rotating brush, so it needs constant cleaning to be effective. Based on this experience we’re not buying another Electrolux :frowning:

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How old is the vacuum cleaner? I’ve seen reviews on the net that are dated to 14 years ago (ie 2003) I’m not surprised that parts are no longer available.

In regards to the warranty I’d be interested in Choice asking them why that is so? I could do it but coming from Choice it would carry a lot more clout :slight_smile:

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@MeredithCridland will be able to give you the official low down on consumer guarantees, but my understanding is that you aren’t limited to just the guarantee the manufacturer supplies (in this case, 2 years) but what the law actually allows for.

Meredith may be able to give you a better idea on how long a vacuum cleaner should be reasonably expected to last.

My mother was told that when her old Dyson became unrepairable that Dyson would give her some cash back if she upgraded, this happened posthumously when we settled her estate and I received $200 when i bought a new one. Contact Dyson

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