Drugs and their effects on the body

Drugs work directly against what the body is trying to tell you. If your nose is running, welcome it,the body is getting rid of something. Health can not be gained by taking pharmaceuticals. Health can only be obtained by living a healthy lifestyle with real unprocessed food, exercise and perhaps meditation.

Battunga3, you are right and wrong. Some drugs work against the body; this is why a pharmacist will generally recommend a decongestant be taken only overnight to help you sleep, while during the day you should take an expectorant to assist your body in cleaning itself out.

Of course, that is only one example; if you have a fever, then your body’s natural temperature-regulating mechanisms are being interfered with because of the infection. We do not know yet whether it is always good to seek to reduce temperature, as its evolutionary purpose may be to help kill the infection - but too high a body temperature will help kill your body’s cells as well, so in some circumstances you should consider taking aspirin to reduce the fever.


I would have died an agonising death long ago if not for pharmaceuticals. I now live happily with rheumatoid arthritis instead of dying from asthma. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water


If you think that drugs are medicine, then please provide an example of a drug that returns the body (or mind) to health. If drugs do not and can not make you healthy, then the logical, reasoning mind will explore what does restore the organism to a healthy state. Drugs treat symptoms, not causes.

Seriously? Insulin, just off the top of my head.

Yes, there are some drugs/chemicals, that are not produced in the body, that we use to treat symptoms - sometimes in the same manner that naturally-produced drugs will (such as the average painkiller). There are other drugs that are used for - well, curing cancer? Doesn’t that help return the body to health?

You are really pushing it here, Battunga3; the medications that are prescribed by the average qualified medical professional have a wide range of purposes. Not all are directly able to return you to health, not all are even intended to return you to health - but they are often preferable to the alternative - and I say this as someone with a condition for which drugs are not helping. And in the case of pain (just returning to a simple example), being without pain is healthier than living with it.



Antibiotics spring to mind.

And what have the Romans ever done for us?

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@battunga3 can you please validate your statements with some valid & credible scientific research, rather than just making assertions?


A fair percentage of people over 55 years old will make their ‘four score’ plus some years because of pharmaceuticals that control high and in some cases low blood pressure.
The number of premature deaths due to stroke prevented by high blood pressure medication would be in the 100,000’s and possibly millions over the last 20-30 years in Australia.
Then there is all the lives saved by other treatments.

We all know from they day we are conceived we all have a use by date and I will agree the slowest way to reach that use by date is by maintaining good health and better diets, regular exercise and maintaining a balance in both what we do and what we consume.

Another humourous article. I love 2017! :stuck_out_tongue: