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Drowning risk posed by Clark Rubber swimming pool fence


CHOICE has tested pool fences and found a drowning risk posed by Clark Rubber swimming pool fence. From the article:

A qualified tester examined the report produced by the testing lab and says the pool fence was only partially tested to safety standard AS 1926.1-2012.

Crucially, the tester says, it did not cover a key clause intended to stop children from accessing the latch.

A spike in infant drowning deaths highlights the importance of pool fence safety. Read more:


More news on Clark Rubber’s potentially dangerous pool fence:


The problem I have with this is it relies on untrained individuals to install the fencing. These same individuals need to know the pool fence safety standards as well as what needs to be done exactly (and advised by Clark) to ensure that the fence is secure (even if the latch height is low) and meet the relevant pool fence standards.

This is a recipe for tragedy as many will be installing the fence the best they can and hoping it is secure enough to prevent an accidental drowning.


Queensland Government has issues a statewide recall of these pool fences…it looks like this recall be nationwide.