Drone reviews

Something wrong, someone stuffed up.

I am 1000000% sure that Mavic is much more portable than Phantom 4.
The portability score should be the other way around.
Phantom 4 is the same size as Phantom 3.
Mavic has foldable propeller arms and fits in a bag about the size of a lunch box.
Phantom 4 needs a back pack …

Please check and fix up …

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Hey Zeddy

We conducted the drones test in conjunction with professional labs in Europe, who provided the following explanation for the Mavic’s low portability score.

Portability involves not only the physical dimensions of the UAV (drone) as well as the easiness of carrying it. The Mavic gets a downgrade for not coming with a carry case. You can purchase one but it’s not included like in the go-pro karma for example.

We agree at CHOICE, and feel that an expensive product such as this should include a case. However, you can disregard this if you feel it is not a high priority for your needs, and consider the other performance aspects.


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Thanks for your reply Peter.

I understand your point but irrespective of whether a storage box is supplied or not …
Mavic is tiny compared to Phantom 4.
If the storage box was the reason for lower score , then that should have been mentioned in the article.

You literally need a back pack to transport and store Phantom 4 and only a small hand bag to do the same for Mavic.
The criteria should represent that and not what was supplied in the package.

Additionally , the supplied “accessories” depend on the package bought.
Different suppliers will provide additional accessories to entice us to buy.

A friend Bought a Mavic with 2 additional batteries and storage / transport bag for a total of $1,620 from a local ( Australian ) authorised supplier 2 months ago.
Similar package for Phantom 4 would have gone past $2k.

I guess relative performance tests done in Europe are fine but price comparisons should be relative to the Australian conditions.