Doorbell for Hearing impaired

Looking for a basic doorbell with loud sound for aged parent. One that doesnt connect to phone or has a light strobe. Just your basic doorbell for someone who isnt “deaf”. 240vlt if possible. Has any one purchased one that has worked for you or a family member.

We bought…

with two plug in door chimes. It works well and each of the plug in chime units can be installed in the part if the house most occupied and in locations more likely to be heard. It is reasonably loud. Only disadvantage is the button unit uses a 3V (CR2032) battery which needs replacing every year or so depending on use.

There are other brands and models as well which might also be suitable.


These can be quite loud to very soft with a wide variety of chimes. We have had one for many years, still trouble free.


By that I assume you are not wanting a wireless system. If you have a look at the Google search for door bell wired extensions, Honeywell seems to be the most common product. It is not cheap, and it will probably require someone with a bit of technical know how to install it.


Budget dependant?

Possibly someone with a license for electrical/communications cabling. The ease or otherwise and cost of running cabling to the push button at the door for a battery free system needs to be considered.

The Swan system or similar linked in @PhilT post would be a lower cost compromise as the bell units are mains powered (plug in) while the push button is battery powered.

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