Dog food prices

I usually buy Purina Supercoat dry dog food in 8kg bag, cost usually around $20.
Yesterday I noticed the bag was 7.5kg and $24. This is at Woolworths.
Am I dreaming or were they always 7.5kg?
I feel someone (Nestle) is having a lend of me.


You’re right @mch, I’ve passed it on to our content team. Thanks for letting us know

You are certainly are being ripped off - a ‘normal’ commercial ploy of reducing content and increasing price. As I do not shop at Woolies (due to what they do to producers) I could not say it is just them. Nestles is notorious for what it does to people in third world countries - perhaps they see us this way too!!

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Woolies is probably the lesser of two evils. I saw a program years ago about Nestles practices in third world countries. The reporter pointed out that Nestle international ( pronounced with the inflection), was different to good 'ol Aussie Nestles pronounced as it reads, if you know what I mean.
Nowadays, I get corrected if I say Nestles without pronouncing the word as Neslay, lol

I was very annoyed to find the package size reduced from 8 kg to 7.5 kg while the price remained the same. Woolworth honoured a raincheck made out in the old packaging size. I usually buy a few packs when they are on offer to last me to the next special for around $16 or $17 at our local Coles or Woolworth.
Nestle as a company is quite objectionable with their denial that access to water is a human right. I am just not ready yet to change my dog’s diet and upset her sensible tummy.

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Yes, I did the same thing, buy a few bags and keep an eye on the specials. I would get something else but I am reluctant to alter the dogs diet.
Raising prices is one thing, but reducing pack size is deceptive, in my opinion.

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Purina also increased the price and decreased the content from 1 kg to 800gms on Lucky Dog Bones. When I complained I was told the packaging had changed from a box to a resealable packet…expensive new packaging. They did send me a free packet of product which was nice but did nothing to offset the long term cost of buying the product.

Gee never noticed that comes from buying online instead of prowling around the store as once did. My German shepherd loves these lucky bones and handy for treats. Goes through a pack a week. I preferred the box nd dont seal the packet just chuck the content in old VIP liver biscuit packet open in cupboard to grab etc. He loves those too but like liver treats not often as clearing up after loose tums = dirty bums not my best wish of the day.

As for cutting content and upping prices well par for the course today where greed drives the world.