Does Melatonin reduce hair loss and/or shedding

Let’s talk about Melatonin

My case in support of topical Melatonin

I have male pattern baldness plus diffuse balding on the sides and back.

I have the most aggressive form of androgenetic alopecia one can have.

I started losing my hair at the crown when I was 14 years old. Within a few years, although my hairline stayed intact, the whole of my head, including the side and back hair, started to become very visibly thin.

I am now 56 years old.

I have had the classic horse shoe hairloss pattern for about 30 years. Although I had side and back hair, it has been progressively thinning over many years.

Over the past two years I have tried every possible treatment I could get my hands on. From Dut/Fin, Min, RU, supplements, estrogen, estradiol plus a whole bucket of other compounds or techniques (including micro), but I gained very little.

Of all these compounds, only fin caused some minor regrowth on my scalp and vertex. However nothing stopped the dredded shed.

Every time I would pull my fingers through my hair I would get a large amount of hair, including my sides and back hair.

Although too early to tell if I will get meaningful regrowth, only one compound I have tried gave me an almost immediate positive result.

I am not talking about regrowth however.

I am talking about the almost immediate shedding in hairs.

From over 50 hairs per day, I have gone to 1 or 2 hairs per day, no matter how many times I run my hands through my hair.

I have also noticed some thickening of my side hair, which has never happened before.

I am not selling anything and am not a doctor, so please take this as one case study, and decide for yourself on its merits.

What I used was topical melatonin, and in my case all my shedding ceased within three days.

I simply apply a few sprays on my scalp once a day.

I noticed that if I stop using topical melatonin for 3 days or more, my shed begins again.

I also got the very same melatonin formulation in oral pill, and took it instead of the topical for one week.

I found the oral melatonin did nothing for my shed. So I went back to topical.

As long as I use topical melatonin once per day, I lose almost zero hairs, including from my scalp, my vertex, my side hair and my back hair.

I have only been doing this for 6 weeks so don’t know whether this will result in cosmetically significant regrowth for me, but the stop in shed is real, and is backed up by many clinical trials.

So as one brother to another, especially if you an only just starting to lose your hair, or you experience heavy shedding, I say to you give topical melatonin a go.

It is cheap and easy to get.

Just try it. You should know pretty quickly if it helps.

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