Dodgy Telstra Salespeople claiming to be 'from the NBN'


We had a couple of people come to our door on the weekend who, although wearing Telstra shirts, introduced themselves to my wife as ‘being from the NBN’.
Once I came to the door they then changed their wording to ‘from the NBN team’ and then ‘from Telstra in Werribbe’.
It seems that this Telstra store is sending out staff far and wide (we live in St Kilda East) to try and confuse residents in areas ‘newly connected to the NBN’ (which is a joke since the Telstra cable that has been in our street has just been reclassified as the NBN!) by pretending their are ‘from the NBN’. I presume they hope that ‘the NBN’ sounds more credible than ‘Telstra Werribee’.
I called Telstra to enquire whether they knew about these sales tactics but of course just got through to the Phillipines call centre staff who naturally had no idea.

I’m surprised Telstra would risk their reputation with such a deception.
Let’s see if head office gets back to me.



Hi @sifra177, thanks for your post. If anyone else has had a similar experience, please let us know in the comments below.

It seems to be something of a pattern. Telstra is evidently trying to poach Internet Service customers from other providers.

Hi all you have to do is 1 ask to speak to her supervisor or 2 ask to be connected to an Australian, they have to do that. That’s how we got around that. Also all ways ask for ID , too many crooks around. Hope this helps Don.


Most of the Telstra stores are franchises, so you get good ones and bad ones. I don’t actually think Telstra cares very much how their franchises work. For all we know some of them could be a dodgy as 7 Eleven or Dominoes in how they pay their staff too.