Do you use car share schemes like GoGet and Car Next Door?

We’ve heard a few reports about consumer confusion when it comes to pricing and membership of car share schemes like GoGet or Car Next Door.

Do you know someone who uses car sharing? Was it easy to understand, and did you find it good value for money? Please post your experiences in the comments below and help inform our investigations.

I use GoGet. I think it is a great service. There are two cars stabled straight across the road from my front door. However I have used it less in practice than I thought I would, as it often turns out cheaper to get goods delivered (e.g. Woolworths to deliver my groceries). I don’t own a car - most of my transport is by bicycle, walking or public transport. I have found Go Get most useful for things like going to the hardware store, where I want to carry heavy/bulky things home and they don’t deliver. Although I don’t use it now as often as I initially thought I would, I still think it is a terrific service.


We have been members of goget for about 9yrs. Heaps of cars around (inner Sydney), always had good service when I’ve had to contact (lost card, car not where it was supposed to be, locked myself out). We have no car, got rid of it because of goget. over the period we have probably saved about $30k not having our own car. Mostly used for shopping or visiting friends. The pricing seems clear enough to me, I don’t see how there is confusion and would be happy to be educated on it if someone has a story. Have always been an ‘occasional’ plan member.