Do you use 'buy now, pay later' such as Afterpay, Afterpay Plus, or Zip?

Offering prize draws for putting your Spotify Premium or Uber fare on borrowed money. Seems shonky



A way to entice new ‘customers’. They know that the total prize pool they offer ($30K) is peanuts compared to the new customer fees which will be incurred over time.

There have been similar offers and incentives from other providers recently…such as this example…to try and gain greater market share.


NZ moving forward on BNPL regulation:


This happened a long time ago. Probably would not do so now.

Could we see some changes. Some regulation finally?


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There are no customers fees or interest on PayPal ‘Pay in 4’.
I use ‘Pay in 4’ on PayPal on big purchases and council rates. Use their money while my money earns interest in the bank. What is more I get the Reward points on my credit card as well.
I pay the large majority of things with PayPal or Post Billpay.


Nope don’t believe in any of it.If you don’t have the money to begin with you miss out plain and simple.Many people are conned into these things

Hi folks, @jblakkarly is looking into the new Afterpay Plus offering for an upcoming article. If there are any Afterpay users that have been offered the new Plus subscription, we’d love to hear about your experience. Leave a comment or send an email to


Financial counsellors sound the alarm about Afterpay Plus:


Good article, danger danger. Hard nope from me. I go on short rations quite often these days as the pension fails to keep pace with increases in the cost of living. But I’ll starve before I fall for any of these BNPL things. Its predatory lending at best…

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