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Do you have the NBN?


The motivation was apparently not good customer service!

"Telco sources have told The New Daily that NBN Co halted its HFC rollout because of an order from the national consumer watchdog.

Pitched by NBN Co as a “new initiative”, the company announced on Monday it would temporarily pause the rollout of its hybrid coaxial fibre (HFC) technology.

Network engineering and telecommunications expert Mark Gregory said the sudden announcement was triggered by an instruction from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

“It wasn’t NBN Co’s initiative. The ACCC told them to stop it,” Mr Gregory told The New Daily."


A couple of interesting/related articles - the good news just never ends !



I received and setup the eMetric this week.

So far it’s consuming a pretty steady 1.3GB per day on my 500GB plan.

That’s 8% of my quota (based on 31 day month).


Ah Telstra…


Registered for this ages ago - heard nothing - am I outside the focus area?


Nope not yet…Been told it will be available at any time now.But previously they said 2020 i’m going to stick with the latter to be honest then i won’t get disappointed lol


Hi @draughtrider, I’m chasing up the matter and will get back to you as soon as possible. My understanding is that we had a lot of applications and they are still being processed. Apologies for the lack of contact as well.


“Unfortunately, due to the specific technical criteria we have for this first roll-out, we’re unable to proceed with your registration at this time.”

I guess the specific technical criteria will be published along with the first round of results?


I’ve been told there were some location requirements, and that there will be some more information published over the next month or so. Hopefully that will clear things up, but if not let me know and I can chase up more info.


‘location requirements’ sounds more ‘geographic’ than ‘technical’ - though I understand one can lead to the other, however my belief is that I have standard FTTN, the only factor would be increased latency, if by a small amount … maybe it’s a ‘big city’ thing :wink:


Due to the title of this thread I feel there might be a few coming here over time as the rollout (or lack thereof in some areas) of the NBN continues, for their own research purposes. I hope to remember to post tests here at least once a month so that those visiting the thread will have an idea of consistency with the speeds NBN provides when provided as originally intended.
I have the eMetric installed and running, but of course the data that it provides won’t be available for a while yet. Below are copies of the speed tests I did earlier tonight (Wednesday) in peak usage times that I posted on the thread here - Internet download speeds. My RSP is Optus and I’m on the top speed plan which used to be marketed as 100mps. Also relevant to the numbers below is that we are connected via FTTP, with the NBN box in the centre of the house, not on an outside wall.


NBN satellite a short time ago:

However, that speed is very misleading, as trying to watch live streaming ABCTV results in 3-5 missed minutes of program per hour due to dropouts/buffering.
It is pretty useless IMO.


I have to agree with you. As it currently stands from everything I’ve seen and heard from people with Satellite NBN it’s obviously not fit for purpose. Yes it gives people access to the internet but because of the limitations that pure satellite brings to the mix, that access is only reliable for web surfing, email, etc. and is highly dependant on weather conditions. Forget about streaming services, gaming, video conferencing or Skype/VOIP when a connection isn’t stable. That situation is something that will hold a lot of regional areas back on so many levels. Modern education is improved with reliable high quality internet, as is medical treatment & diagnosis services, business can function better and of course the basic fact of humans needing entertainment and social contact (especially in regional areas with lower populations). We have a great pool of talent in this country when it comes to network technologies and if the government was fair dinkum in it’s “innovation nation” spiel, they’d be getting those heads together to come up with a better technology mix for this wide brown land - one that may not give very high speeds in some areas, but that was at the very least a consistent connection so those areas listed above could rely on the service and reap the benefits.


Probably underfunded but if the scope is reasonable it could do the job for some. Now about the election…


Bold plan but once again lacking in long term vision or breadth of service. No definite number of premises covered but stated only to be in the metropolitan area. Guessing those in the Adelaide Hills won’t have any reason to tick the box next to his party lol.


Satellite is a fallback, for when there’s no other option. It gets the job done, after a fashion, but shouldn’t be regarded as a permanent solution or even long-term one. It’s a stopgap until the job can be done properly. The same can be said of fixed wireless. Our problem is politicians whose vision doesn’t extend beyond the next election.

Anyway, I’ve said all this before:

I recently managed to pull off a transfer from NBN satellite to fixed wireless. The saga is documented on Facebook. The results are pretty impressive (50/20 plan on a tower that was commissioned in January, so it’s very lightly loaded).

The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints

We have a 12/1 NBN service via HFC through Internode. It delivers 11.3 down 0.95 up (Ookla Speed Test, WiFi to phone) all day every day when it’s working. Never slows down in peak hour. Well done Internode, for buying enough capacity.
However we have had trouble with the modem disconnecting because of cable faults. We have had cable for 20 odd years, and all the junctions were corroded. Ultimately even cable terminations inside the house proved to be corroded. NBN come within a few days and find a few more “dud” joints. Maybe they have found them all now; maybe they haven’t.
So it comes as no surprise to me that the NBN rollout via HFC has been suspended.