Do eyelash growth serums work?

There are plenty of eyelash serum products on the market claiming to help your eyelashes grow longer/thicker/darker - from those marketed as ‘natural’ like Bondi Boost and Talika, to those with a more ‘scientific’ approach like Latisse which requires a prescription. They all have mixed reviews and it’s hard to know what is marketing spin, or genuine scientific evidence. Also, safety is a concern when you use a product so close to your eyes.

Does anyone use these serums and do they feel that they work as intended? Is there any scientific basis to the lash growth claims? Or any unpleasant side-effects? We’d love to hear your thoughts and as always, we’ll hand out BS Buster badges for those who provide well-reasoned or well-evidenced answers.


Isn’t this a bit like any of the hair growth products sold by a plethora of businesses. I raised a topic about caffeine and it’s ability/inability to promote hair growth. The evidence really wasn’t there to support that ability to help. I would have the same scepticism about most of these serums. I believe there is an old blood pressure medication that may be used with some success but I do wonder if it is in any of these products at all and if so at what levels to even produce effects.

It is more likely that it is the perception of the user that the eyelash looks thicker or has grown more because they want that to be the outcome. It could also be that these serums add colour, silicone based thickening/coating so the lashes look fuller and similar included chemicals/additives in these products that are purely cosmetic in their action.

The Latisse one has Bimatoprost the active ingredient which was developed to treat high pressure in the eye, a noticed side effect was that some had increased hair growth. It now has an approved use in the treatment of Hypotrichosis particularly for the treatment of small or underdeveloped eyelashes. They do warn about using it and that hair growth could occur outside the treated area.

So any that use those two drugs (minoxidil or Bimatoprost) indeed would likely have benefits but there are also potential drawbacks from using them and so caution would be advised and seeking medical advice before such use would be highly advisable.

From what I could see of the other serums they seem to use colours and oils and similar to simulate (not stimulate) improved hair colour and growth.


I am sorry AJ but I cannot take this question seriously. There could be people who ingest growth serums in the world, or it could just be a twisted invention of the cosmetics industry.

From the OED:


_(ˈsɪərəm) _

_Pl. sera (ˈsɪərə), serums (ˈsɪərəmz). _

_[L. = whey, watery fluid.] _

1. a.1.a Watery animal fluid, normal or morbid; spec. blood-serum, the greenish yellow liquid which separates from the clot when blood coagulates.

I really want to rub that on my eyes.

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I’ve been told by others and I also believe my eyelashes are thicker and longer since I’ve been using Xalatan/Latanoprost drops this is apparently one of the side effects a person can have to this product and as a side effect of something to stop me going blind I’m not going to complain


Just use a sqigen of hexane free castor oil
works for all hair