DK Choices Pty Ltd - Toy Train Recall

A recall notice for Toy Train supplied by DK Choices Pty Ltd as mall parts may pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.

DK Choices Pty Ltd - Toy Train



Date published

10 Jan 2020

Product description

A colourful toy train with a face on the front

Photograph of Toy Train

Photograph of Toy Train Box

Identifying features


NO.BA - 8128

What are the defects?

The product does not meet the requirements of the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Protection Notice No. 14 of 2003 - Consumer Product Safety Standard: Toys for children up to and including 36 months of age’. The product may break, releasing small parts.

What are the hazards?

Small parts may pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

For more information, affected consumers can contact the place of purchase, or DK Choices on
03 9077 8203 or


DK Choices Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product

Exclusive Supplies
Giant 2
Gift and Beyond (Rosebud)
Melton Super Bargain Variety
The Bargain Shop (Clayton)

Where the product was sold


Dates available for sale

  • 4 September 2019 - 12 December 2019

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Recall advertisement.pdf (230.98 KB)

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.