DIY house sale websites

Have you ever used a DIY website such as Buy My Place or Owner to sell (or buy) your house?

I’d like to hear from anyone who’s used one of these sites, or who wants to but isn’t sure how to sell their home themselves online. What questions or concerns do you have?


Just read the book “Real Estate Without Agents” by Terry Ryder.

I haven’t used such a website as I sold through an agent. When I was looking to buy after I sold I saw a few places that were advertised using DIY site ForSaleByOwner. My warning to people wanting to DIY is to avoid using too many (definitely not more than 10) photos, have the photos done professionally or find out how to do it like the agents and pay close attention to the wording of ads by successful agents in the area.

I found the FSBO ads would have a huge No of photos, including close ups of details the owner loved, and the descriptions were way too detailed and personal. It put me off looking at the property. I just checked one house I saw for sale through FSBO that was on the site for ages and see that in the end they used a local real estate agent.

Yes. Had a batch at Pauanui in New Zealand, bought a very good book by a NZ house sales entrepreneur, learnt a lot, did everything - wrote the description, prepared the legal documents, printed notices PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES then was on the point of ordering the FOR SALE board when I decided as I wasn’t going to be there all the time to put it in the hands of the local agent. Gave them the whole lot: they printed my description and cocked it up, and for the next few months didn’t pay attention to my careful assembly of details. In a difficult time it took them 2 years to sell.
But I leant a great deal, have no regrets about the work involved: enabled me to follow them!
I would recommend anybody to do the same, even when putting it into the hands of used house salesmen!

I have used “Buy My Place” on three occasions and fond the service and product to be very good. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a go.