Dishwashers working with low water pressure

We need to replace our dishwasher and since we have very low water pressure I am unsure what to buy.

It takes 1.37 minutes to fill a 9 litre bucket. I have phoned around and been told by Asko, Bosch and Miele that the water pressure is too low to work properly with their machines. I know we need one with a fill sensor but apparently according to these companies even that is insufficient.

Our last dishwasher was an Asko and worked fine until it died so I am unsure how to proceeed now.

What are your suggestions rather than ring or email every dishwasher company available?


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The first ‘rule of engagement’ with any manufacturer is they never (or close enough) tell a customer or prospective customer their product will work properly outside of its standard specification, so focusing on the specification is key to getting useful information.

This forum+topic may be useful.

It is likely a machine with a fill sensor would work but they will not take liability for that being so, and then have to wear the return if it did not.

As you implied, seeking recommendations from others in the same situation is a good way to start. It sounds like your water pressure is a long term issue; if it affects other parts of your life have you considered adding a holding tank and/or a pump for day to day pressure?


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As TheBBG suggests an external pump may be an option, either all of house, or less expensively, a smaller pump just for the dishwasher/kitchen sink. Johnson, and no doubt other manufacturers, make low voltage DC wash-down pumps with pressure switch to turn on only when taps/valves are opened.


Is this mains or tank water?


Thanks for some feedback. Our water is from a creek so gravitation. We do have a pump but rarely use it as it stirs up too much dirt. This is farm life! It doesn’t worry us but I do need to find a dishwasher that works. We have had three Asko’s over the years and they have been ok so we might go down the same path unless I can find one that may work better!