Digital Deadlocks

There are quite a few smart deadlock products coming on to the market of interest. Samsung has a nice looking range of Smart Deadlocks and Kwikset look interesting. Also there is Yale and Lockwood.

I notice a lot of these are being reviewed by tech consultants who do not seem to be experienced lock smiths. CNet give Kwikset a positive review but then I found this video which shows the lock can be forced open in a few seconds.


Hello Roony,
I have been using a Samsung SHS-3120 for a good 18 months now and I think it’s great. The lock came with 4 smart cards but I also purchased a few small NFC stickers. One sits inside the back of my phone case, so when I come home I just press my phone against the lock and it opens. I love not having to carry house keys anymore.
I also bought a few fobs so when I go to the beach I just attach the fob to my board shorts and off I go. Again, no house keys to worry about. (I am lucky enough to live across the road from the beach on the Gold Coast)
The bolt on this lock protrudes just as far as the old dead lock did and in fact was able to fit right into the hole from the old dead lock. It is handy too when I have trades people coming around because I can just give them a PIN which I delete after they have gone.
If you are looking at using one on a fire door that is a different story. There are only 1 or 2 electronic dead locks that have been fire rated here in Australia. When I was first shopping around I did some homework. Apparently having a lock fire rated costs a few thousand dollars per go. By this I mean if you sell lock xyz and want it fire rated, you would pay the money for each type/ brand of fire door. One of these is the Lockwood Cortex. It’s big and ugly but it is fire rated.
If it’s for your private home then you can choose whatever you like and I can’t recommend the Samsung digital lock highly enough. If you want to go the whole way, you can even have a small NFC Tag imbedded in your hand that will open the door. (A company called Dangerous Things sells them)
I am happy using the little sticker and fob for now.


Is this the original defeat video ? I think the second generation lock is supposed to be less susceptible to forcing.


They do look pretty cool, yes. I see you can buy RFID insertion kits!

I was thinking that a PIN code alone would be a security risk (if it’s used longer than a day). Is there any support for multi factor authentication?

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