Difference between two Sunbeam electric blankets

Would someone kindly tell me the difference, if any, between a Sunbeam BL5151 and a Sunbeam BLF5151. The latter is not covered in Choice reviews. And everytime I make an online search for BL5151 I am automatically offered BLF5151.

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It could be a newer model or but more likely is an error.

I can find listings of BLF5151 on the Sunbeam website but not BL5151. This suggests that BL5151 doesn’t currently exist and hasn’t existed in the recent past.

I suspect that BLF is the correct model number for the electric blanket. There is one or two retailers who use the BL5151 model number, and Choice could have relied on retailer information rather than checking the product or with Sunbeam…thus resulting potentially in the ‘F’ disappearing in Choice’s review.

Maybe Choice’s @RebeccaCiaramidaro can confirm/clarify.


The BLF5151 is obviously their basic “Sleep Perfect™” version of the blanket as can be seen in the snip, the entire range are all Sleep Perfect™ except the Sleep Express™ versions. So I agree the BL5151 is just missing an identifier ie the F

They use BL then another letter to inform of the type of finish ie W as in BLW for Woolen, Q for Quilted, F for the basic Sleep Perfect (it senses and adjusts temp due to room and body temps), A for Antibacterial, B is for Sleep Express™ (heats the blanket up in 10 mins).

The last two digits ie 81 as in 5381 is for Super King, 71 is for King, 51 at the end signifies it is Queen, 41 is for Double, 31 signifies King Single, 21 is for Single. The first digit in the four digits signifies the range ie 5 is Sleep Perfect™ and the 4 is for Sleep Express™.

The second digit is for the style ie 54 is for the Quilted Sleep Perfect™ so 5451 is the Queen sized Quilted Sleep Perfect™ fitted blanket, and 5471 is the King sized Quilted Sleep Perfect™ fitted blanket. 53 is Antibacterial Sleep Perfect™, 51 is the basic Sleep Perfect™ version so it’s real identifier would be BLF5151 for Queen sized not BL5151, the Sleep Express™ is 8 so a Queen Sized Sleep Express™ would be BLB4851


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Thank you all for the information. I will try the BLF5151.


The model we tested was BL5151. We take the code information from the pack when we collect data about each product. It seems to me that the BL5151 has been discontinued since we’ve tested it and has been replaced by the BLF5151.


Thank you very much for the reply. I will be looking at the BLF5151 model for a replacement of an old one that has just gone faulty. Thanks