Dielle Electrical Distributors - Dielle Residual Current Device Model YK78 Recall. Supplied in Qld & SA

A recall notice for Dielle Residual Current Device Model YK78 supplied by Dielle Electrical Distributors Pty Ltd in Qld & SA from 01.01.2006 to 31.12.2013 as the product may not comply with the Electrical Safety Standard and may fail test requirements.


It would normally be installed in your meter box or sub-panel but if you cannot find your RCD or do not know who installed it so as to ask them, definitely ask an electrician next time you have one visit.

If you don’t already have an RCD, then get one installed. It may well save your life.


Very down to earth. :slight_smile: Thank you @Fred123


I’m trying to work out if your reply is negative or neutral - but either way it is potentially different … and I did chuckle …

It’s amazing how many people don’t - and how many homes have some circuits bypassed because they are problematic with RCD due to some device the resident sees for one reason or another ‘can’t be fixed’ - great advice and reminder anyway, I’ve set them off twice, the first time when young and (more) silly was a lesson in ‘make sure the power supply you are soldering a component into is not energised, and holding solder in your mouth is a bad idea’ … the second time simply exposed wires in a faulty extension cord …


I was positive you’d get it!!