Desks - Height Adjustable Desks or Sit Stand Desks

Hello Choice Community, I have been searching for a good Height Adjustable Desk for my home office and wondering if anyone here is currently using one and can share pros and cons and recommendations.

My search shows that stability both at lowest sit level and importantly at desired height level for standing is my priority, then the desktop materials and the length of warranty must be five or more years. I have two large monitors used by my Windows 10 laptop and two smaller monitors used by my Windows 7 laptop.

Thanking you all in advance. Best Regards Christine.


Hi Christine

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I don’t have any recommendations, but what I would do is go to several specialist office furniture suppliers and have a look at what is available.

Make sure you measure your available space before-hand to be certain the desk you select will fit in!

If it was me, I would be sitting on the tables and wobbling to see how solid they are.with a weight on them. After all, you will have four monitors, two laptops, possibly a printer, folders, etc. on the tabletop. See how smooth the up/down movement is. How stable is it at the apex of it’s elevataion? Are there holes and ducts for all the power etc. cables? Ask how long the factory warranty is. I would want a fairly long one as adjustable desks are not cheap and you are likely to keep it for quite a while.

The place I bought my office chair from let me borrow a sample of the chair I thought best free of charge for a week to test it out. (They delivered and collected it.) They also offered to exchange my chair after it was delivered for another if I wasn’t happy with it. These are the sort of things I would be looking for from a supplier. Then you can test out your prefered desk before you buy it to make sure it works for you.


Hi Meltam,

Thank you kindly for your rapid response. I very much appreciate your feed back.

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This Upstand desk review might be helpful to people searching this thread:


Another standing desk review:


I like the style but a manual backup system in case of power failure might be worth investigating by the company. Hmmm maybe an opportunity for them to join in the UPS market by supplying a backup battery??

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With the premium price tag, I’d be looking elsewhere for a height adjustable table or desk.

Just one example with a great range of height adjustment plus some extra features. It does lay flat, so no need to pretend to be an artist or drafts person to buy one.

If nothing else it should be a good guide to a fair price for such products. Australian made ‘bespoke’ designs if you feel the need and can find one excepted.

IKEA also have at least one product, while Office Works is worth a look too.


During our second lockdown and the prospect of working from home into the future, we decided to upgrade from the camp table. After researching and the Choice recommendation we purchased the Omnidesk Pro from the company for $720. It was easy to assemble and so well constructed (in comparison to other flatpack furniture we have purchased). The ease of adjusting the height has meant that you are happy to sit for half an hour, stand for the next and so on throughout the entire day so we are very happy with the purchase.