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Democracy sausage taste test 🌭


The CHOICE team conducted a very apolitical sausage taste test today, casting their votes for the ultimate snag.

The scrutineers are counting the results and we’ll soon be able to call the winner. Stay tuned to find out which sausage candidate wins by a landslide (and where you can find them this upcoming election day)!


“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.”
John Godfrey Saxe

You might say the same of Prime Ministers.


Interesting . I’ve been getting some recipes for the "Comfort Food " post for " Bangers and Mash " from my Britt neighbours .


Is the last photo one of those non-meat alternatives cut thinly?

Don’t worry about reporting the taste test for these ones as they appear to be under cooked and the results may be therefore biased.


Were the SNAGs in the background included?


Those who actually want to do a sausage sizzle for election day or any reason will want to know the tasting results. As well I have a tip that will help reduce your costs. Don’t buy sausages by the kilo, buy by the box.
One can usually negotiate with the meat department at Colesworths or a genuine butcher to buy a box for much less per kilo than buying loose. Last time I did this a box was 10kg, YMMV. Families who have a deep freezer can save the same way.


Drumroll :drum:

And the tastiest sausage goes to… Woolworths :slight_smile:


An interesting minor observation.

It appears Choice had fallen for the tempting pack shot tactic?

The cooking advice suggests -

Hot tips from our home economist, Fiona Mair:

* Use the flat hotplate, not the grill plate, when cooking

The lead into the Choice article pictures tiger striped product over a flame grill, contrary to the recommended test method!

I prefer my democracy - umm! Sausage, crispy, slightly charred, and depending on the candidate - very well done to the point of slow torture! :upside_down_face:

Next time, for penance you might like to try some real butcher’s sausages for a comparison. Is an independent candidate going to deliver on the day?


I wonder if the same supplier/manufacturing plant is used nationally for each of the supermarkets?

Our recent visit to Tasmania revealed that the more expensive in store branded sausages are different (size and filling in the pork ones noticeably different) to that in Brisbane and wonder if the same applies to the budget lines.

We find the budget ones too salty and usually buy a more expensive line with lower salt or get them from a local butcher.


Over the past decade or so when eating a sausage sizzle at our local Bunnings I have asked the volunteers about where the sausages were purchased when it was above my expectations.

One said Woollies branded sausages, another said Coles branded sausages,another said an independent butcher in Mareeba, and another said an independent butcher in Cairns.

The Edmonton RSL sub-branch has the sausage sizzle at our local Bunnings every Monday and the sausages taste like sawdust and even the onions, bread and sauce are sub-standard.

The last time I bought one. I took a bite out of it and threw it in the bin.

Why try to do everything as cheap as possible only to ensure no repeat business?



Well spotted @mark_m, much like continuity errors in a film, we’ve run afoul of our own advice. I’ll make sure to flag it :+1:


As an interesting observation.
The local Primary School is also our local polling place today. With approx 2500 registered voters in our district they had run out of democracy sausages by 10am this morning.

The local butcher is their supplier. The school bypassed the local IGA and the Woolies in the next town for their supply.

It might be a good omen for the sausages and local butcher!

Democracy is a different kind of vote?


Our local sizzles overweight their patronage with Tip Top a local wholesale butcher chain. They also buy bulk frozen onions from them.

Although not possible to include all the ‘locals’, it would be interesting to know what percentage of sizzles bought their goods from a major grocery rather than a local supplier or butcher.


I just clicked on your link and checked out the weekly specials.

Pretty keen prices.