Deceptive installation time - Spotlight

Just a warning for those thinking ‘hey windows lose the most heat in a home. Let’s get some honeycomb/ cellular blinds to help some money and heat loss before winter hits’. Spotlight does NOT mention when their consultants come out to measure and quote that they order from China so it takes over a month in production, a month in delivery, and then you get install date. I ordered as soon as I bought my new place with a view to getting the useless venetian blinds out before winter - we get severe frosts and cold snaps here. It will be end of June at earliest before they even hit my local store for the install to be scheduled.

If I had known, and I did mention repeatedly I wanted the blinds before winter to the consultant, I would have found another local provider who made in Australia and could provide a decent install time. It took multiple calls - all of which went to voicemail - over a month before I spoke to an employee, who was apologetic as they get these calls all the time as the consultants are notorious for not mentioning its a 10 week plus process to get these blinds in.

Note to self - double check the manufacturers supplier like I normally do (forgot this time in all moving stress), and get in writing the timeline before purchase.


Welcome @PyrennesPermaculture.

I gather you have paid all or a substantial part of the money up front.

You know what you should have done with your note to self. Might make it hard to argue for your money back and find another supplier.

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In a similar situation to yours, when I order stuff that I need by a specific date I ask them to write into the quote “needed by …” or something similar. This way, if it is not possible usually someone in the office will tell me up front, or at worst, I can demand a refund because they haven’t delivered as quoted and required.