David Jones store cards morphing into credit cards

Has anyone in here received or applied for the new DJ’s ICON card? I ask because maybe someone smarter than I can interpret contradictory messages regarding its use overseas. Online mention is made that it can be used to get cash advances from ATMs as it’s linked to M/C, but in the literature mailed, on the issue of cash advances, under “cash advance fee”, “N/A” is mentioned and where “cash annual percentage rate” is listed, the term “N/A” appears again.

So what is it? Are cash advances available to all ICON customers? Or just to a select few? Or to none?


It is a MasterCard credit card issued with a DJs logo on the front:

The website states:

Eligible David Jones Storecard customers will automatically receive the new David Jones Icon credit card via mail in coming months.

We will not be accepting new applications for the David Jones Icon credit card.

If you don’t hold an existing storecard and qualify for it, it isn’t possible to apply for one.

If one is eligible, it appears to be the case.

The website doesn’t have the PDS which will have all details. Possibly this will only be provided to those ego are eligible to receive the card.

Thanks. As a DJ customer I rcvd the new card, but don’t understand the conflicting information about cash advances.

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Thanks again. I will ask for the PDS as it was not sent.

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Did they issue a PDS with the card, they should have? The PDS or product disclosure document should contain all the details associated with the card’s use.

Cash advances appear to be possible. An additional 3% surcharge for international cash advances and 24.99% interest. It is important to check conditions about cash advances, as many cards charge interest from the day of withdrawal - viz. no interest free period for cash advances.

The card is issued by Latitude Finance Australia so the PDS will be theirs.

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The web page indicates non$AUD (overseas) transactions and cash advances attract a 3% fee.

Your best source of authoritative information for your question would be DJ’s. Isn’t there a phone number in the literature or on the current store cards?

If not, their contacts page is explicitly for online orders but they should be able to give you the appropriate phone number or email address for your card query.

Note that their web page also states

It is curious they are rolling out a product with that caveat.

I tried calling DJ and their financial partner, Latitude but tired of waiting on hold.
I found the “conditions of use” document online, but oddly it’s not labelled “PDS”.

in it I see (in bold I highlight the key issue):

Part B: Information about cards and your account

3 What can a card be used for?
3.1 A card can be used to obtain credit from us:
a) to pay for all or part of the price of goods and services;
b) for BPAY payments;
c) subject to section 4, for cash advances,

  1. Cash advances and the cash limit
    If we permit you to obtain Cash Advances with your card

It seems that some cardholders will have access to cash advances and others not.
In which case, its utility for some is questionable.

I wouldn’t be recommending a credit card for cash advances for the reason outlined above, they most likely will be charging 24.99% from the date of the transaction. This means interest can accrue for some time until there is an opportunity to pay it off.

We have a Latitude 28 degrees card which charges interest from the day of transaction. To try and avoid this we have approached Latitude to see if we can preload cash on the card, or pay cash component before the statement due date. Both were declined and couldn’t be done. This mean cash advances can be very expensive card use option.


Thanks for your feedback.
I called, waited on hold, finally someone picked up, I gave my details and as the agent I spoke to could not answer my question, I was told I’ll be passed to another person. I was put on hold again and then the line went dead.

So I called again, went through the online menu, waited and waited and the line went dead.
Meanwhile I looked into Latitude and on productreview.com.au there are comments after comments about the absence of customer service, problems unresolved and other poor experiences.

Why am I not surprised by those comments?

I agree that cash advances are bad news with Latitude and most providers. I am aghast that you could not preload the card for expected cash advances. Aghast but unsurprised.
On productreview.com.au there are comments including a couple on the Latitude 28 which are very negative.

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I only know as we used the card once for a modest cash advance when OS, forgot about the interest from transaction date and found around $5 interest on the next statement. Contacted them as indicated above to see if the interest could be avoided.

It is a money maker so why provide options to avoid.

We now use a debit card when OS (or in Oz) to get cash. A lot cheaper.

Did you use the card abroad and if so, in addition to the 3% “int’l fee”
(a) Were there other fees levied; and
(b) Was the exchange rate used to covert to AUD, fair in your opinion?

There was a exchange fee as well, but this also occurs with our debit card so this wasn’t of concern. I can’t remember if it was higher or lower, but it was the interest which was the issue.

I can’t remember the exchange rate, but, from memory it was the MasterCard rate not a different one set by Latitude. I would need to go back through records and try and compare it to the listed rates at the time. I can’t remember been concerned about exchange rates though.

From memory on crunching numbers, our visa debit card costs and 28 Degree card costs were similar, excluding the interest. The 28 Degrees difference was the interest calculated from transaction date to due date. This made cash advances unattractive, when there was money available through the debit card.

Hope this helps.

Yes Sir, indeed your feedback helps. Thanks. It seems that if I too used a DC for overseas cash advances and used the DJs m/c for purchases and paid it off by the due date, it’s worth keeping. Two more questions if I may:

  1. Did you have the need to call Latitude’s customer service and how useful/responsive were they to your inquiry/request? and

  2. Before traveling, did you have to notify them that you’ll be abroad or not?

  1. Phoned them when returning home and on receipt of statement. Didn’t have any issues with contact. We have tried to contact them on Skype, but never had any success getting through. Phone no problems.

  2. Always do for any cards we may use when OS, even if we didn’t end up using them. We usually send messages through secure messages, where available and when logged in, so there is a record of the notification.

Thanks again.

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Your comment on Latitude’s attitude to preloading the card is interesting. What would happen if you say paid $2,000 into the a/c when you had say a $50 balance and then went overseas and - while you were $1,950 in credit - made the equivalent of AUD 1,800 cash advance? Surely Latitude could charge you no more than a day’s interest and use your credit balance to offset the cash advance? Or would they try to reverse your $2,000 payment? Or would they not allow you to pay into your a/c more than the outstanding balance?

Each CC provider sets limits and rules for cash advances, including maximum amount advanced each day. What Latitude advises in its T&Cs for your product should be carefully considered. Latitude may have a general clause to refuse cash advances under certain conditions - not specified.

The following may answer that question.

Not Latitude, I’ve had two very different internationally accepted CC brands in credit with no issues. One recently for many months for a small amount. A card I only use for foreign transactions or OS. The other historically was often in credit for a substantial value. Again no problem. Typically paid in advance if travelling to minimise the difficulties of paying by the due date while away. Depending on destination and time away there was either no practical access to internet banking or only a high risk service.

I don’t know, but, it is likely the credit would go towards the next statement amount and not treated as pre-loading. This means they will still charge interest/cash advance fees from transaction date.