David Jones and Myer Gift cards

Tried buying David Jones gift cards on line, at the end of transaction said they don’t allow purchases from outside Australia. I live here. Then saw Woolworths sell David Jones vouchers. Paid $400 got an order, they took my money, Did not get a voucherand after 4 business days of where is the on line voucher with several emails and finally advised on a phone call they don’t do DJ anymore and by the way $400 credit would come through in due course (it did). Hopeless

So I tried Myer. Did the on line bit and at the end it said simply transaction failed. No wonder these guys are struggling and going the way of the dodo bird.

I bought Bunnings & JB Hi Fi vouchers on line, 5 min later voucher emailed.


Sounds like a struggle @davidlcleland. At least the Bunnings and JB HiFi vouchers came through :thumbsup:

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I have international transactions blocked on my domestic mastercard, which I always forget I’ve done - tried to buy something recently “in Australia” and it repeatedly failed - card declined - turns out they were processing the payment in some far flung country somewhere and my statement had all the block rejections logged - but of course it didn’t give enough detail at the online point of sale for me to register that it was my own setting that caused the problem. By the time I’d realised, I’d sourced elsewhere at a better price :slight_smile:

Its nearly a thousand miles to the nearest DJ’s, Myer or JB for me - I thought Myer had gone already, but I might be thinking of John Martins …

Could also be because the despatch centre is overseas, the the goods are paid for, packaged and posted. Paradise Papers comes to mind.

Are you running a VPN (virtual private network) when making the purchase as VPN hosts can be overseas making the DJs/Myer websites thinking you are somewhere else in the world?

(Note: VPNs can be used to ‘trick’ overseas shopping websites that don’t allow foreign purchases from Australia).


Tried buying David Jones gift cards on line, at the end of transaction said they don’t allow purchases from outside Australia.

Could be, and potentially operative words are “live here”. Web people do not always generate an appropriate error message. If a web site detects one is ‘off shore’ and that is a problem (copyright region protections, shipping restrictions, commercial restrictions, … , …, it usually responds very early in the game. If @davidlcleland has a credit card issued from another country I could imagine that might trigger an ‘offshore’ error if a company requires an Australian issued card. (That happens and is ludicrous IMO.).

I find the quality of many of our supposed competitive commerce sites to be woeful from dodgy payment systems to lack of product information.

On the other hand I suspect Gerry Harvey and his mates will blame any lost sale on the GST.