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Dangerous Recalled Stroller still being sold by

A stroller that was recalled in April 2020 for safety concerns is still being sold by

I bought the stroller, noticed the recall sticker, contacted for a refund and they said that they will look into it but otherwise appeared to be disinterested.

Photo of the stroller box:



Thanks for the heads up @Concerned_Parent, will pass this on to my colleagues.


This certainly looks bad. The model # on your photo matches the recall notice.

I would report it to the ACCC for what it is worth and perhaps also the distributor,

According to the website, the item is provided by Motherworld.

You could ask them why they are selling the product illegally as it has been recalled and the carton clearly shows that.


Welcome to the Community @Concerned_Parent,

Your photo evidence appears damning, and suggests catch may have been selling returned recalled (faulty) strollers or new stock subject to the recall that had not been purchased. I suggest you first check the rear axles for the ‘deeper groove’ fault noted on the recall notice to determine if it may have been fixed or not. Ringing the recall 800 number at CNP Brands should provide guidance. The recall is still shown on their website

If it was not fixed it seems your formal complaint to productsafety is in order in the first instance, accompanied by your sending a formal ‘letter of complaint’ to catch if you wish to pursue a refund. You will find many posts with advice on your consumer rights, Australian Consumer Law, and writing a ‘letter of complaint’ on the Community. However, this could be considered a minor fault because it is easily fixed so to me it is not assured whether it could be a change of mind, or what. The restitution even under the ACL could be organising the repair as a minor fault. At the end of the day if you need a stroller and this one otherwise suits, it might be an acceptable outcome?

A sad commentary is that it is not illegal to sell dangerous products in Australia!

Please let us know what you do, and how it goes.


It is worth noting that only Batch No: TA-17346876, TA-17346881 were subject of the recall. It appears from the recall notice that the faulty batches were sold only by Target and Kmart.

The recalled batches had a faulty rear axle which was replaced under the recall. I suspect that the faulty axle was fixed in other batches or recalled batches sold after the recall notice was issued.

If the batch number is one of those which were recalled, I would be asking for confirmation that the stroller has been rectified/repaired as per the recall notice…namely:

What to do: Consumers with affected products should cease
using the product and contact CNP Brands to arrange a
replacement of rear axle and wheels to be sent out with
installation instructions, or to arrange to have the stroller

The same stroller (batch unknown) is also for sale elsewhere is one searches for “Childcare Compact Lightweight Baby Stroller Grey”. I suspect that these strollers may also be a different manufacturing batch as well. It would be concerning if they weren’t.

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FWIW The supplied photo clearly shows a box with a Kmart label and recall notation.

The recall wording could also have been added by someone at Catch to identify the product source. One doesn’t know until they know from an authoritative source.

I suspect you may never have purchased from them. Think mass merchandising company at arms length from products.

Excepting for the box who would have thought? Asking CNP Brands is likely the easiest and most authoritative way to check.


With thanks to the report from @Concerned_Parent, this product is no longer being sold on :+1: