Customer Service at its worse. Mobile Panel Shop Melbourne

Having been impressed by their quick quotation on the weekend, I made a booking for the Monday.

They never turned up at the appointed time. I had to ring them after they were an hour late, only to get a recorded message. I asked them to call me regarding whereabouts of the technician. I missed their call, but rung straight back to get the recorded message, left another message.

An hour later they rang and sent a text message, they claimed their technician had trouble contacting me to confirm the booking. I informed them no one had rang me and that I had left a message, asking where was the technician. They repeated the same excuse and said they might not be able to make it.

I told them to talk to the technician and find out if he would be coming. I informed them if they could not come today, then don’t come at all. They didn’t ring me back but sent a text message saying they couldn’t help today.

I had already confirmed on Sunday that I would take the suggested appointment and gave them my address as requested and that I would be at home.

Do not waste your time with this company, find someone who will turn up.

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