CTP Insurance Privacy Issue

I recently bought a 2nd hand car and when the registration was due received a pro-forma invoice in the mail from the previous CTP insurer - GIO. The pro-forma invoice included my full name and full date of birth. Given that a date of birth is now used to confirm identity for so many things I think this is really not okay. I have never been insured with GIO for anything so I would like to know where they got my full date of birth? If someone had stolen my mail they would have my full name, date of birth, address and car registration - that information would perhaps be enough to use my identity as their own or to access more personal information about me. I mostly insure with NRMA who simply put “age of youngest driver” on their pro-forma insurance invoices. This is much safer. I wonder if GIO are breeching privacy laws and where they got this information from.

This is indeed troubling, and a familiar experience for many. It would seem that lots of businesses are handing over personal customer details to other businesses in violation of privacy laws, if that’s what happened here. Just a guess, but it’s probably in exchange for commercial gain. Or maybe we accepted terms and conditions that allow this sort of thing somewhere along the line. DOB Is definitely sensitive info, and shouldn’t be handed over without consent that goes beyond “click here”.

When you insure for CTP or renew/get your registration, which can include the CTP (such as in Qld), the State Govt Transport Dept is advised of those CTP details. When your CTP/Rego is up for renewal on your purchased vehicle the company that previously handled the CTP is given the new owner details so that the vehicle owner can, just by paying the registration, continue the cover. The State Govt use your licence/customer details to provide this information which includes as noted the DOB as the insurance coverage probably needs this for identity purposes. In Qld before you renew your registration you can change CTP insurance providers but only before not after payment. If you fail to change before your registration is paid then you have to wait for the next renewal to opt for a new provider. This is done to ensure that the vehicle is always covered for CTP and I guess that State Governments are more concerned that coverage is in place.