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CSIRO Breakthrough In Meat Tenderising


An interesting article about CSIRO research into tenderising meat with shockwaves.

Let’s hope they have it patented before others steal their intellectual property.

An alternative process might be to simply hang the meat in front of the radio during an Alan Jones program.


If you are referring to “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, you might also risk the steak come back to life and taking it out on the radio. :laughing:


But would he apologise to the meat afterwards? (He did with the meat in the sandwich.)


@Fred123, is this likely to make good meat cheaper because there is more of it?
Or is it going to make once not so good meat as expensive as prime steak?
That is, by eliminating cheap cuts that we might use in a casserole we are increasing profits and turning less cashed up consumers away from meat?


It’s been done before …



That must be what they use to try to tenderise the Brahman cross rubbish so as to get them to fit into the mincers.


And now a breakthrough in meat tenderness testing.


Wait till you see the size of the cattle prod they use to get them into the trucks and the chopper they need to use to muster those beasts.