Credit card surcharge not disclosed till final payment page

I’ve just booked some airport transfers using the site. I looked up the FAQs to find out payment methods and all credit cards were included. I was able to find the price for my booking before proceeding. All was fine until I entered my travel details and got through to the final page where I could pay for the purchase. It showed the total price including an additional $1.08 credit card surcharge.

I’m not complaining about the amount of the surcharge, only that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the site and there is no way to buy the transfers without paying the surcharge.

One solution would be that in their FAQs they amend their answer to show the percentage of the surcharge and that they have no other way to pay:

"What credit cards are accepted for payment purposes?

Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners."

Not sure if this is something worth following up as the amounts involved are quite small.


Hi @hitspacebar,

I know what you mean. Ideally businesses should try to include this information up front, and they should also offer a ‘fee-free’ alternative (although often they don’t make this easy). I’d encourage you to send this feedback to the service provider - maybe they’ll take it on board and improve the site.


I’ll send them some feedback, but i’ll wait till after i’ve used the service as I don’t want any trouble with my booking.

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On a different tangent but I have had two recent experiences of ConXion in Qld in July and last week where the return journey from the Innternational Airport back to the Gold Coast took forever as we deliver passengers on the way down who ARE NOT Gold Coast Addresses. Plus we deliver unaccompanied bagagge so journey which at most at 8.15pm should take about 1 hour 20mins max ends up being 2 hour journey!!!


Apart from the undisclosed surcharge, we ended up on pretty much a grand scenic tour of Brisbane whilst we visited hotels all over the city. I’m catching the train next time.

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