COVID-19 Vaccine Practices

Yet government, once again mixed messages, they are, lets not disagree even if we disagree, wants everyone to get vaccinated but

and they still pretend to be doing an urgent and orderly roll-out. Depending where, under 50s or under 40s still need not apply while the queues are empty.


It is but…

Medical association calls for urgent campaign aimed at boosting vaccine take-up rates after survey finds 30% of people unlikely to be vaccinated

and many choosing to wait for their vaccination. The negativity in the news media, misinformation/disinformation allowed to permeate social media and given airtime by non-experts etc has impacted in the impressions within the community. Add the distrust of government (or any politician of any persuasion), this is where we have ended up.

The clots should no longer be an issue as they are now treatable (if one is in the few in a million unfortunate to get this side effect) and as a result, one makes a full recovery. Strange that the news media hasn’t been reporting this…there was a very short mention on ABC News24 last night as part of a bigger interview…but where are the headlines dismissing those made earlier by most media organisations. Good news doesn’t sell news is why.

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while the powers that be are sitting on their hands, and maybe wringing them wondering how this came to be without at least partially looking in a mirror.

They have doses, the doses are not being administered. That was the whole point. If the message reflected what they desire wouldn’t it be open for everyone who wanted a jab now?

FWIW a family member in the US with a usually benign genetic issue spent 4 days in ICU and another 4 in hospital a month after the Moderna vax. It was treatable, for about $1 million RRP in the US system.

Could be they are waiting for some clearer messaging so they are not further blamed for changing their reporting every week…

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They are happy to report changes and updates for other items. Covid is no different. Advice can change rapidly as new information came to hand. This new advice is communicated promptly by State and Commonwealth Chief Medical Officers, with support of governments.

There are two options…provide regular updates and changes based on new and best possible advice, or sit and wait until the advice is not going to change. The later we may never have known about covid.

Absolutely. If I thought it was completely useless, I would have declined to have it, and waited.

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Maybe my bad. But the premise remains valid about the pollies creating confusion.


Now he tells us! Gahhhhhhhh

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Thought this could either go in Covid News or here about Vaccine practice and obviously decided here was best.

An article written by C Raina MacIntyre . Professor of Global Biosecurity, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Head, Biosecurity Program, Kirby Institute, UNSW

The following table came from the article and is about the original type of COVID-19 and so for the more dangerous variants these figures change and herd immunity is thus harder to achieve. AZ is only between 62-70% effective against the original and a Study found it was between 0 (yes zero) and 10% effective against the Sth African variety. If we continue to mostly vaccinate our 50 years plus with AZ chances of Herd Immunity are Nil against the newer variants ie not achievable. So AZ really for us is a Fail, it offers almost nothing other than a false sense of security in the fight against the new variants.

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It appears that the AZ vaccine (summary on UK health website from the paper in Lancet) …

…minimal protection against mild cases of the South African variant, but the vaccine is still likely to reduce severe cases and deaths from the South African strain.

The study, which was based people of an average age of 31, shows that protection may be as low as 10%. The research wasn’t able to determine whether it protects against serious illness or hospitalisation, because this group of people were at low risk of serious illness. Other research suggests that the vaccine is still likely to reduce severe cases and deaths from the South African strain. More research is needed in this area.

(Source dated 13 May 2021)

While media reports are concerning, whether AZ reduces serious cases or death is unknown as needs further research. The 10% figure is also in a young population and if it is representative of all ages, especially over 50 year age is also unknown and needs further research.

Oxford University is currently working on a booster vaccination to cover variants (South Africian) and if it is found the first vaccination efficacy isn’t satisfactory, it is likely those who received AZ may need a booster shot at some time in the future. This response is similar to the annual flu shot where initial doses are sometimes modified to include emerging strains during vaccination rollout.

It also appears that Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations have reduced effacy against African variant and like AZ, more research is needed to determine impacts of the South African variant on their respective efficacy in each age group.

Edit: There seems to be a lot of unknowns across all vaccinations and it will be watch this space…until new information and data is available. As Australia has over ordered each vaccination, this decision may prove beneficial if rollout has to rely some, not all that is available. Was the over ordering a mistake or a stroke of genius/forecast potential different efficacy scenarios which could occur in the future…don’t know but it may prove to be the right decision irrespective of past politics on the issue. I recall at the time the government was trying to put as many eggs in the one basket.

With more variants (India, Brazil), expect more changes. At least the vaccinations provide efficacy against some strains, which is better than none. Ongoing management of variants ahead of vaccinations and their modifications may pose challenges returning borders to the preCovid normal.

I feel for those trying to manage vaccination rollout with information changing daily, selective reporting in the media causing concern/confusion and adjusting the program to try and best protect Australians. There will be criticism of changes driven by factors outside their control, but those making the decisions must be under enormous stress and trying doing their best in the circumstances.

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Actually cases ranged from Mild to Moderate and there was only a very small difference in rates of infection between placebo recipients and AZ vaccinated. Even the placebo patients had no severe cases. So no bets on whether it helped avoid severe cases.

The fact that it allows infection almost without any efficacy in avoiding it, means that Herd Immunity very likely cannot be attained. Part of getting vaccinated is not for the recipient but for all those who cannot be vaccinated. The AZ vaccine offers no comfort in that area, infections with the new variants even after vaccination are too high to afford that herd immunity, even with the first type it barely offers the chance of Herd Immunity and that would only be achieved with almost all the population being vaccinated, not likely here with a large percentage not even willing to be vaccinated with any of the vaccines. The concern for me is that to give the best possible outcome for those who can’t be vaccinated we need the highest performing vaccines. At this point in time we aren’t using that with a large proportion of our 50+ year olds in our Communities who are mostly only being offered the AZ vaccine.

For reasons of disclosure: I have had the AZ vaccine and I’m grateful to have received it for myself in that it should afford me some chance of avoiding serious results from any infection with the original strain of virus.


I said it was not as effective. So now you believe me?

Listening to today’s Coronacast on the ABC, there is suggestion that Pfizer may not be as effective as first thought against the Indian variant. There is data emerging from Singapore that some who had Pfizer have succumb to the Indian strain. If this proves to be the case should one also rule out Pfizer and elect to have Moderns only. What happens if Moderna is found not to be effective as others on a stain, does one wait holding their breath something new and ‘better’ will come out?

What appears to be emerging is different vaccinations have strengths and weakness, not one is better than the other. AZ is effective, but it effectiveness against all strains still needs research… no differently to other vaccinations.

It is also likely, which has been raised by some vaccination specialists in the past, that vaccination combinations may be use in the future to exploit these strengths, if it is safe to do so and evidence shows greater effectiveness when combinations are used.

Another point raised in the podcast which has been mentioned by health professionals is if an over 50 decides not to have AZ and chooses to wait until Pfizer, Modern or another vaccine of choice is available to them, they may be waiting a long time and could be the last in the community with any type of vaccination protection. Under 50s will be prioritised and over 50s will drop back to the end of the list. As time is critical and Covid-19 affects over 50s more than those under, waiting potentially a long time increases risks to such individuals should there be a future outbreak in Australia.

It appears none of the vaccination are perfect, like any other vaccination or medication, and waiting and hoping that one thinks is better may prove to be a risky decision as one could have no protection and may unnecessarily expose themselves to a serious infection.

One also has a right to have an opinion, but I am yet to see any of the experts managing the pandemic in Australia or around the world saying AZ is not as effective, is useless or recommending that AZ shouldn’t be accepted as a valid COVID-19 vaccine. I suggest that is one has such opinions, one should possibly think whether their opinion is well founded since it is contrary to current advice of qualified experts. Unfortunately those who question matters relating to COVID-19, use unfounded public opinions to reinforce similar views that they also share. Such has been rife in relation to this pandemic and a major concern for those managing the pandemic in the interest of the whole of the community.

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The most significant advice concerning what is a global pandemic. It requires a global response.

As the pandemic continues to worsen in some parts of the world, the risk increases of more dangerous mutations that are vaccine-resistant or too contagious to control with current vaccines.

Keeping up with mutations is like whack-a-mole while the pandemic is raging.

The take-home message for our pandemic exit strategy is that the sooner we get the whole world vaccinated, the sooner we will control emergence of new variants.

The original report from The Conversation concerning variants with an R0 as high as 7 makes it very clear. Australia will not be able to safely open it’s external borders without significant quarantine risks, given the current vaccination choices offer very limited protection to more virulent variants.
IE Australian’s exposed to the variants and working at the Quarantine coal face will have limited immunity or protection against transmitting the variants to the community.


The UK Public Health England has found that the AZ vaccine is more effective achieving up to around 90% effectiveness based in real life data:

It is also interesting that a single dose of the vaccination also has greater effectiveness than originally thought.


its effective against the original and the UK variant, I believe there is to be an update released later this year.

[edit] I want it to be absolutely clear that I am NOT proposing that anyone should wait to see if they can get a “better” vaccine, later on. I just think that people need to be aware of the level of protection they actually get, so they cn be prepared (for staying at home, isolating etc) if any of those other variants make it into the country and cause an outbreak. Waiting for government advice at the beginning is where things went wrong… our government and so called experts were slow on the uptake. Everyone was waiting for something. I started reducing my contacts as soon as the virus entered the country, much to the disgust of many people who at the time were saying, oh no worse than the flu. It was clearly worse. I was right, they were wrong. And yes, I have a medical background, so I’m not just plucking this stuff out of the air.

It would be a bit disingenuous of me to say wait, when I myself am not waiting. I think Greg Hunt’s messaging is confusing and should not be out there.

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A number of US states have reportedly been quite successful getting otherwise disinterested people vaccinated by entering them into special lotteries. Get a jab and get an entry.

Since Australian business has been using lotteries/contests almost forever to get customers in and products sold it should be a no brainer to get people in the doors for their shots.


Whatever one thinks about America, Americans can be creative to ‘get it done’.


Queensland Failing To Vaccinate - Alarmingly So?

The Federal and State Govts have every reason to be concerned when we look at the lack of measurable progress in the State.

Victoria is now apparently offering vaccinations to family members, and close contacts of essential workers. NSW is vaccinating under 50’s (Pfizer vaccine). Qld is only asking for applications for those 40-50.

There is zero - none - zilch statistics I have been able to locate for the state based performance of vaccines delivered through the Federal Govt to GP’s and Aged Care etc. Nationally the Federal Govt has delivered approx 2.1 doses for every 1.1 State Govt delivered doses of vaccine.

The current status of the Qld State Govt roll out can be found here.

The Queensland Govt has delivered (24th May 2021) 198,598 doses.

The following are needed to be delivered to cover all in Qld:

  • 250,000 doses required, Priority group 1a - Frontline health care and quarantine workers, residents in care facilities

  • 2.1M doses required, Priority group 1b - Adults with higher risks, including all those over 70 years of age.

  • 2.51M doses required, Priority group 2a - Adults with moderate risks, including all those aged 50-69 years.

  • There are a further approx 3 million doses required to vaccinate the adult Queenslanders in group 2B and 2.35million doses for all children under 16.

It’s no surprise those in group 2A (2.5M doses) are not a priority when only one quarter of the total required to protect higher priority groups 1A & 1B, (2.35M doses required) has been delivered. Assumes an estimate of 380,000 Federal doses (prorate) and 199,000 State doses have been delivered.

Has politics and the 5P’s got in the way of personal needs?

The wise one of the home who is in group 2A and supposedly eligible according to the Current national roll out rang her local GP clinic. It’s an authorised vaccination provider. She was advised to come back once she has turned 70 closer to Xmas?

Enough said. Something is seriously broken with the system in the state of Qld if this is how it is not working. Both levels of Govt at fault.

P.S. - there is a plan ‘B’ and plan ‘C’. The second option is a holiday with family in NSW or even Victoria :worried:, where the immediate family has had no problems with access. Also great for the NSW or Vic travel industry, but not for Qld!

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Those in high positions in Qld telling others to vaccinate…aren’t getting it themselves. It is far from a good look no matter what reason the spindoctors come up with. It is extremely damaging in the eye of the public.

We have had a family member cancel their appointment for the reason that there must be something wrong with the vaccines if the Premier and chief health officer don’t want to have it. I wonder how many others think likewise.

At least other MPs in other States and Commonwealth have been willing to support vaccination by allowing the media to take footage of their jabs.

I think this has changed. We have a good friend in Brisbane in this age group that got the Pfizer yesterday (in 2b category)…well done Julie. Maybe they are trying to now shift the vaccinations they have been stockpiling and through reluctance to have the vaccination.

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I might disagree. Our observation is a lack of access, availability or supply.

The ‘spin doctors’ are equally interested on laying the slow rate of vaccination roll out on the customers.

If that’s true why do we not have a weekly update on the number of vaccine doses of each type issued and available for each state? Federal Govt supported and State Govt supported.

I suspect it is that Australia does not have sufficient Pfizer to meet demand of all states for the under 50’s, hence NSW in particular and perhaps now Vic has been prioritised over the other states. Fair enough?

For AstraZeneca for over 50’s the boast was of one million doses being available weekly from the end of March. It would seem unreliable as this suggests there should now be 8 million available. Where have they all gone?

It’s up to the Federal Govt to deliver. To date the Federal Govt has been responsible for approx 2/3 of all vaccinations, including those through GP clinics.

What each state Premier has or has not done, would seem less relevant at this point in time.

I’m more than happy to stand back and let the system catch up with all those more needy than I. That is the point I’m keen to make. Perhaps the Federal Govt and CMO should change the priorities. Scrap the priority system, and simply offer vaccination to everyone, without preference given either vaccine choice.

I suspect we will still fail to improve progress because there is insufficient supply to meet demand. The spin is all in suggesting we don’t want to be vaccinated.

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