Council Approvals

An article regarding the stupidity of the Hunters Hill Council which will leave their ratepayers more than $200,000 out of pocket.

And all for a feral Camphor Laurel tree which is listed as Category 3 in Restricted Matter in Qld.

At least our local Council is a lot smarter than this lot.

The Council placed a notification sign outside the front fence of a nearby house prior to a tree outside the front fence being removed, and another is presently outside another nearby property so I stopped to read it.

It advised that 2 large Ponciana trees on the verge were to be removed due to the damage their roots were causing to infrastructure on the property and that hopefully the trees could be replaced with a couple of suitable ones.


A neighbour had a Fig tree removed last year by the Council because it was causing infrastructure damage.

According to the arborists, the Council would have left it if it was a Moreton Bay fig, or another couple of other slow growing figs, but this one was a fast grower and would cause increasingly more and more damage.

No replacement tree required.


It appears that the Sunshine Coast Council and the Noosa Shire Council are competing for the title of “Queensland’s Most Stupid Council”.

Just 2 days ago, Noosa Shire Council banned beehives including the stingless native bees without any consultation with beekeepers.

Now thay have backed down after the outcries.

Meanwhile, the Sunshine Coast Council threatens a property owner with fines for landscaping with the same pebbles the Council uses.