Cosmetics - do you check the expiry dates?

Old cosmetics can tend to hang around the bathroom or bedroom, but these products still have expiry dates. Do you check how long your products last?

Yes , especially roll on deodorants as there chemical composition has been known to change over an extended period of time .

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I know that makeup does in theory (lipstick, mascara, eye shadow) but they do not have expiry dates on them. I think the rule of thumb is that you are supposed to stop using them after 6 months. I also just checked my face creams and some have an expiry date and some do not. My problem is remembering when I first opened the product?

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No, not convinced cosmetics can expire and don’t use much anyway. Likely to be any harmful consequences?

I never worry about cosmetics expiring. Just use them and have never had a problem. Yes it could happen but so far nothing has ever caused me any harm.

Here’s a follow up on cosmetics and expiry dates from Rosalind McNamara, including some tips on what to look out for.

Thanks so much for the follow-up on cosmetics and expiry dates Brendan, it was most interesting and worthwhile.

I printed it out to read again at a later date, and ensure that I do not fall into that lazy trap and stop checking the use-by dates, as the consequences of skin irritation, rash and possibly worse are not worth the savings of updating the product.

It was a helpful article, thanks for posting and let us hope that others gain similar benefits from education.

Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome Natalie, glad it was useful for you :relaxed:

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