Cordless phone for NBN VOIP

Talked to a technician at a Telstra shop and made an appointment for the ‘black’ box to be installed at my flat.
I will need to buy a new phone, and been looking at Choice’s Cordless phones test (Feb. ‘19).
I like the Panasonic KY-TGD322ALB
and was wondering if anyone has got one of those? Or any tips at all.
(The appointment is for the 10th Dec. )
One feature I’d like is the ID display.

Much appreciated.

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Telstra wanted to sell my mother in law a new phone when she was connected to FTTN. The NBN modem was connected to the same point as the old cream T-xyz phone she had. A new cable and the old phone works fine, when the NBN is also working. The presets which she knows by memory and buttons which are large caused zero stress with her degenerating eye sight.

FTTB used for many units is the same scenario.

HFC which we have in our town house is a little different, however the installer indicated he could run the internal cable within reason to a more suitable point than where the coax had been terminated externally. That included being able to use the internal extension phone line once it had been disconnected from the copper line service physically.

With HFC we found our ancient cream T-xyz phone worked fine once plugged into the RSP supplied router.

We have had several older Panasonic cordless phone sets. All with small handsets. We use a giant sized Uniden in preference as the minature displays and keys of the Panasonic’s are beyond us. If we looked at another of this make, size is everything. Hopefully they are as reliable as the Uniden. Our reliability experience with Panasonic is mixed.


The most common requirement for a new phone is to buy a cordless with a base and multiple handsets to replace the multiple different phones many of us have around the house that will no longer work when connected to the same VOIP port, modem dependent.


We’ve only used one connected phone or a cordless base. A possible limitation I was unaware of.

We have used our old internal phone line to move our one phone in the townhouse to the kitchen, and away from the downstairs NBN router. A small luxury.

We need to shout down a mobile or cordless to talk to the mother-in-law, and not be understood regardless. Why put your hearing aids in just because someone might phone? Wonderful to be in your 90’s regardless. There is something with the way the old Telstra style handsets work that seems to transform the experience at her end. Not ours to reason why. It just works out.

Likewise calling us on our mobiles for her seems equally poor audio. It’s house phone to house phone.

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Per @Gaby’s post on the other thread, looks like no new phone is required.


We are still on a landline (NBN advise to keep it as Satellite is not reliable). When our Telstra failed I got a Uniden (Choice recommendation). Got two handsets so one is on charge (and it powers the base when the power goes off so needs to be fully charged most of the time) and the other is near where we are.

Look for one with lots of phone book entries (Telstra had about 20, Uniden has about 100, we need 200) and enough text space to write names - ours is too small - if we want Frank Johnston we have to do Frank Jhnstn and then the “voice” that announces can’t pronounce it. You can only list one name and number, so we do a second one Frk JhnstMob for the mobile - not ideal. Mr Z finds the volume too low, and the “rocker” too small to push to get ID, phone book, etc. We list our unwanted callers in the phone book with a different ring, so we know not to bother running, but that fills up the phone book database. The hands-free is so much better than the Telstra wall phone.