COOL Label Laws 1st July 2018

have been following this since the start in 2016 and subsequent Gov’t watering down, I have read that Made in Australia of at least 60% Australian Ingredients, under Non Priority Food items, that the Made in Australia may not be true if the label states 60% plus australian Ingredients, 40% imported, that in fact this could be made overseas with 60% plus Australian Ingredients and still be legal under the new Australian COOL laws, as my first example being an Aldi Belmont Biscuit, which all have either made in Germany or The Nederlands on them now has Made in Australia from 80% Australian Ingredients and 20% imported (not named), nor does Aldi acknowledge that Belmont is made in Australia. are we being taken for a ride here or how do we really know, The ACCC says that any Company that uses this label must have data to support, but who does this support refer to. ?


I got bacon from I G A. It says made in Australia from local & imported ingredients. Seems strange to me.

There is a preservative that comes from India it is not available in Australia and is used widely in Australia also around the world.