Continuing NBN Internet issues that Telstra can't resolve

It would be nice if we didn’t have to reset our modem at random intervals every day to maintain an NBN Internet connection. It happened at our old house with our newly installed NBN equipment multiple times a day, so Telstra gave us a newer model of modem. Didn’t help. We still had the same random disconnection issues.

We’re now at a new house in a new location with the new modem and new, freshly installed NBN equipment and still the Internet will suddenly cut out at random intervals with the only known fix being to turn the modem off and on again. We had/have Fibre to the premises for both houses. Replacing the modem didn’t fix it, and changing locations on the map didn’t fix it. It’s not isolated to just the one device. Sometimes the modem selects which devices will no longer get Internet access, while other times all connected devices will have no Internet, yet the modem happily says the Internet connection still works and that all devices are still connected. We’re in Tassie and I have friends who live on the mainland who have the exact same problems.

Today when the Internet died each device was picked off one at a time. My own laptop was still loading web pages and uploading images, but then wouldn’t display the images I uploaded. It still continued to upload images for a while before cutting me off completely. Then the Mrs’ laptop did the same thing, more or less about a minute after mine died. Then the boys’ desktop computers. So I had to turn the modem off and on again to fix it. Lasted for all of about 8 hours before it cut us all off again. Not all at once. Just one device at a time and in trickles as before.

Posted a comment on Telstra’s Facebook page about it and they’ve given me a number to call NBN Co to find out what the problem is. They’ll most probably blame it on the Telstra supplied equipment. Last time we tried to sort this out we had to keep dealing with Telstra “experts” who would get us to try the same troubleshooting techniques every single time we called them, even though it was on file that these techniques had already been attempted numerous times without any success. Not looking forward to more hours wasted jumping through hoops while the “expert” gets through his or her on screen instructional scripts before palming me off to someone else because they’ve run out of instructions to read through.

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Have you checked your wireless power settings on the devices? Particularly in Windows the Balanced and Power Saving profiles are set to power down USB and Wireless Devices to save power. This can lead to loss of connection when Windows decides the device is not needed and powers down the USB port and the Wireless adapter. When you restart your modem this sends a “wake up call” to the Adapter and you get your connection back.

You may not be having this issue but it could be worth your while checking it.


I was having the same probs as @NubglummerySnr but did pretty much what @grahroll advised in his post . Problem solved .

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Everything is set to not drop off or power down or shut down. Plus it’s not only Windows devices that get locked out.

So, I assume that you are on FttN?

Because they are still using existing copper, there can be wiring problems within the property - particularly older premises. Problems can be reduced by having extension sockets disconnected and having the line terminate at only one point.

Also if there is a line problem (poor copper) the RSP can organise NBN to put you on Stability profile. This will reduce your max speed but can be a good tool to prove your line condition.

I hope you get it sorted.

Fibre to the house for both locations. We were lucky in that respect. The parts of Tasmania we lived in and currently live in had all the infrastructure rules in place and set in concrete before the Coalition decided we didn’t actually want to have an NBN that went at a half decent speed.

You certainly are - most of us will get the ill-conceived FttN.

That means that your Telstra device is running purely as a router.

Do you use the phone on this service?

We have the phone connected because Telstra don’t have any plans that don’t include the landline phone. We use our mobiles mostly. The modems used to be reliant on a telephone landline to access the Internet, but now the phone is reliant on an NBN connected phone, so there’s no reason to force a phone plan onto us other than to con a few extra dollars out of us for having a bundle plan in place. We don’t have a battery backed up connection, so if the electricity dies so does our landline phone service. They get $40 a month out of us for each of our prepaid mobile phones, so I’d be more than happy to eliminate the landline phone and its associated costs completely.