Continuing forum problems

I still get Reload or Ignore errors whenever editing a response, depending on how long the edit takes it may come up several times. I always choose Ignore. When I am done and post the reply I get the waiting circle and the save and post may takes some time.

I am not familiar with the engine behind the forum but in other contexts I would describe this as a database record locking problem interfering with updates.

The updates to the system advised by @BrendanMays 9 days ago do not seem to have made any difference to this issue.


Yes, the reload/ignore is the most common issue it seems at this time. Though at times moving from one topic to another leads to a page with the spinning arrow that does not resolve to anything further and requires a reset of the page. On reset, the first topic reloads and then it is more likely that moving to the next topic can be performed successfully. I have not had many 504s since the efforts by CHOICE IT around 9 days ago, though they still do occur but at a very small frequency of event.


I’m still getting certificate errors whenever I click a link in the Community Summary emails. Kaspersky objects every time. Started some years back and hasn’t varied. Rarely happens on other sites.

Looks like Kaspersky is just trying to warn you about Internet content that uses HTTP vs HTTPS. My browser does that too.

Or maybe it is HTTPS, but the URL is not in the listed secondary URLs in the site certificate from whomever signs Choice certificates.

Anyway, something for Choice to look at I would think. Seems that the CN of * in the GoDaddy signed cert is not known, or accepted. Sendgrid being a largescale email sending company. Choice being one of the users of the service, it seems.

A few more 504 errors today and some serious page resets as well as the usual retry/ignore editing issues.

It might be that the site is still under attack, but I am hoping that most of the damage is being mitigated by the efforts to secure the site that have been undertaken. Currently of all the sites I visit and use this is the only one suffering 504 issues, and certainly no other site is giving me issues when I am entering data or messaging. I do use a quite large number of sites in a day, so the CHOICE site is the outlier in these types of issues.

Another new (to me) type of odd message from the system. Maybe just an annoying ‘feature’ rather than a bug. :thinking:

I’m used to the message composer questioning real URLs that have already been posted by someone else, but this is the first time I’ve noticed it autoconverting bare domain names like and to links, then complaining about their having been posted elsewhere.

Has it always done this?

Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.

What this is that?

See what?

Internal software timeout with Discourse app.

Ah, a vague error message shown to people who have no reason to see it, cannot understand it and can do nothing about it.

Totally agree.

I much prefer the “Aw snap! :frowning_face: something went wrong. Try again.” from Chrome browser.

Nice and simple. It covers a myriad of timeout and temporary problems that can occur in the processing of online transactions.

Oh dear! More than a few 504 messages today that were preceeded by quite a number of the being edited in another window one with the usual choice of me ignoring rather than cancel for the editing message. Still this site is showing a larger instability than 99.9999% of other sites I use and visit, and almost without fail on every day I am here (I can’t think of a day it hasn’t had at least one glitch but I am not absolutely positive so benefit of the doubt).


I get:

these popups a couple of times a day. There isn’t any regularity in them appearing. They appear randomly. Sometimes twice when post window is open, other times it doesn’t appear. :nauseated_face:


It is annoying. From what I see in the Discourse forum site, the developers don’t seem to have any answers as to a fix.