Construction grade, Waterproof Mobile Phone Covers

Does anybody know where I can get reliable, information, not just MARKETING HYPE on CONSTRUCTION GRADE - able to absorb shock and impact, WATERPROOF - able to be dropped in water and protect the phone so that it survives, (NOT FOR USE AS A DEEP SEA DRIVER) just dropped in a puddle protection to suit an iPhone 8 Plus please?

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Welcome to the community @magpie2020,

The reviews I was able to find were dated and most referenced reduced usability from interfering with tactile feel to image quality, noting that based on your implied need all the tradeoffs are probably acceptable if the cover works.

I was not able to find credible reviews but these sites might be helpful. The first requires adblocks to be disabled to show the covers. Apologies I can not respond crisply with what you seek, but hoping my effort is accepted as an attempt to help.

For ‘general’ phones

Specifically for iPhones,


A case rated IP67 or IP68 should by definition meet your needs, although you might not like the tactile feel or appearance or the ‘bumper’ design for shock.

Thanks for the response with IP67 info @SueW. I’ll add a relevant explanatory link.


Phone 8 is already rated at IP67. you cant take it swimming or go photographing stuff underwater but you can drop it in a puddle and it will survive, as long as you dont leave it there.


Yes, it’s one reason I upgraded from my ancient 4S.
The IPhone 8 and 8plus are both IP67 rated. IE Water Resistant, the design will pass a test submersion at a depth of up to 1m for up to 30mins.

I had an Otter case similar to the current defender series for the 4S. Bulky as @PhilT noted for such designs, but easy to grip with aged hands.

I simply chose a less expensive shock protecting case for the 8, rather than a more expensive EG Otter Defender series, or a true waterproof housing.


I am a big fan of Otterbox cases, and have used several for different phones. This kind of case will add quite a lot of bulk and weight to your phone, but in return provides quite a lot of protection. I carry my phone in my pocket with all sorts of other stuff, and would rather get scratches on the case than the screen.


OT for iPhone8’s but I had an Otter on my previous Samsung. It was fantastic but bulky. I bought a Tudia Merge case for my Moto G6+, and for my purposes it is excellent. Although my needs are far less than the OP’s requirement they deserve a look for the shock resistant part of the requirement. The video on the lower right on their web site is clever.


Massive massive massive vote for Catalyst, which are ip68.
They are absolutely phenomenal.
I had two over the two year life of my iPhone 8 (which adds up to about 10% of the cost of the phone). That phone was dropped onto concrete on a daily basis (im seriously clumsy), survived life in a VERY dusty timber workshop, was used for underwater photography, dropped to the bottom of the swimming pool once. The design is minimal - clear front and back covers (including coverage for the camera lenses) with a surrounding bumper adding very little bulk to the phone at all. The acoustic membranes are next level, and don’t compromise the sound quality at all. The only reason I bought a second case was that the front of the original case got quite scratched and it was annoying me, so I replaced it.
After two years that iPhone 8 was still in mint condition under the case, and has been passed onto my husband (who is a serial phone smasher) still protected in its case. I have upgraded to an 11 pro, which went straight into a brand new Catalyst waterproof case - which has been absolutely brilliant with the current situation. Gets washed with soap and water when i wash my hands.