Connected cars - new campaign launched by the AAA

The AAA has just launched a campaign on connected cars, called My Car My Data -

They’re looking at the benefits and risks of internet-connected cars. For instance, data collected by your car’s computer might let it warn you when something is wrong, so you can fix it before it gets worse. But on the downside, your preferred mechanic may not be able to access the diagnostic information that your car collects - which could mean higher servicing costs.

Do you have a connected car? Have you ever had any problems getting it repaired or serviced?


Hi Sarah

The issue of mechanics not being able to access diagnostic information via the OBD is not new.

I have a 10 year old Ford Transit, :minibus: and I have been told by many automotive trades people that only Ford have the proprietary software on their computers to extract all the information from the on-board computers. :computer: Mechanics/Auto Electricians etc can connect to the OBD port, but cannot see or download more than the most rudimentary information.

This has cause enormous problems in automotive trade people not being able to accurately diagnose issues with the vehicle. All they can do is go on the visible & audible symptoms.

Mind you, as I have expressed here before, even with their computers which provide the information, Ford have done appallingly at servicing this vehicle; :money_with_wings: which is why I went elsewhere to have it fixed.

Let me open a can of worms by saying that in my opinion, the young automotive trades people are too reliant on their computers, and don’t have the necessary skills of the old fashioned mechanics etc. (Much like the kids today can’t give change with out the cash register telling them how much to give.)


I am a retired auto engineer with much loved Fords with the OBD computer reader and one has an engine fault the reader can not identify, so it is back to the original method to fault/fix the problem John C


Yes Sarah @meltam is right . My mechanic has a very expensive OBD can bus reader . Even then he cannot access the information on some makes . Try getting a good Auto Electrician now . The "connected cars " have practically driven them out of business as the vehicle manufacturers and dealers will not give them the necessary updates for their obd and can bus readers . Sad state of affairs indeed . I have a friend who for years had a thriving business as an Auto Electrician . Now he has a Lawn Mowing business . Was forced out by previous stated lack of updates to his equipment .


About ten years ago we considered purchasing a Garmin accessory that would connect to the car’s OBD and transmit (Bluetooth) info to the Garmin GPS satnav which supported it.

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