Congratulations to consumer campaigner, Ian Jarratt

CHOICE would like to congratulate consumer campaigner, @ijarratt (OAM), who has been recognised with an Australia Day honour for services to the community, particularly to the rights and protection of consumers.

Ian has tirelessly fought for unit pricing in Australia to help stop consumers being ripped off when doing their weekly shop.

Here’s Ian in action on The Checkout:


Hello there Ian,
Just wanted to congratulate your acknowledgements, well deservedand also wanted to mention that we love ‘the checkout’ also! I’m amazed that it hasn’t been snapped up, by one of the ‘bigwigs’ but glad as the adds would just kill the format of the show, hey!
With iQ then The Checkout, it’s bloody brilliant to end the days news updates with a grouse belly laugh & knowledge rebooting!
Thanks so much & cheers to you!
JoDuncan (wa)


Yes I too would like to congratulate ijarratt OAM for his outstanding work…

I do not believe that you have done this work to receive any form of merit or accolade, only to assist and help the Australian consumer from being taken advantage of, and opening up the eyes of many others in order that they may be aware of the Advertising Traps and misleading propaganda.

Well done Ian, and it is always nice to be recognised and appreciated for sincere and honest hard work when you are educating the consumer.

Your OAM is certainly well deserved!
Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:


Congratulations to @ijarratt on his OAM. Well Done!

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Excellent news. Congratulations @ijarratt! :smiley:

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