Concerns About Jolly Jumpers & Baby Walkers

An interesting article regarding concerns about Jolly Jumpers and Baby Walkers.


With a new 6 month old in the family we ‘rediscovered’ this topic. The newish mum, a nurse who has researched most everything, had missed it.

The sale of baby walkers was banned in Canada in 2004 but remain available across the world.


We never had a baby walker. 30+ years back there were some horror stories of what could go wrong - Choice archives?

Children get on fine without one. Just clean the floor of dropped food, crumbs, mud, grass, cat hair and … The first born was a little slow to go it alone, at 12+ months. Too busy laughing all the time. Slow as in - other parents judgement of how smart their kid was learning to walk at 7-8 months. Not really a sign of anything.

There is a normal, but it is very broad 8-18 months.

The next two were not so slow, possibly encouraged by observation of their older brother and the need to keep up.


We as parents were the baby walkers, little fingers grasping large hands seemed to be the way forward :slight_smile: