Companies that don't send parcels AusPost

Just noticed most of the complaints in the “Parcel delivery problems” post concerned AusPost . Therefore I thought I might get a post up and going of companies that don’t ship through them, at least the times I have ordered with them . It is not a definitive list , naturally , because they might use AusPost for smaller items and could be area dependent

FGB Bosistos = Toll Transport

Kogan = Toll Transport

The service of Toll has not been too bad for me . They have an agreement with News Agents where you can pick your Parcels up till 7.00PM , if said News Agent is a Tattslotto agent . Also they , the news agents , well at least in my area, are open all day Saturday .Usually till 6.00PM if they sell Lotto . Convenient to pick up parcels if you are not home .

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Kogan also uses AustPost but I am lucky enough to have the same driver dropping off Kogan parcels to my door every time, even though it’s three floors up.

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Catch of The Day, Your Home Depot, OO.Com & Everten also ues Aust Post.

The main issue I’ve had with Aust Post in the past has been the fact that some drivers barely gave me time to get to the door before they were gone. At other times, even though I was home, I did not hear any knock; I believe some drivers prefer to make minimal effort to see if anyone is home as it’s far quicker for them to just leave the card & go.

It depends a lot on the individual driver, because I have had some who do make a concerted effort, they knock loudly & wait a reasonable period of time, before taking off.


@Terry_C I think in the future as more companies start setting up networks for parcel delivery things will only improve through competition . I’m a born optimist though . It may not happen that way . My AusPost drivers are excellent . Never had an issue with them leaving cards etc .You are right . I guess a lot depends on the driver and the area you reside in .

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I’ve seen Australia Post drop a delivery card in the mailbox without even coming into the yard and then just roar off.

Our regular mailman, who the wife knows reasonably well told her one day that there was a parcel for her from Brazil back at the post office ready to be returned to sender (her dad). She wasn’t working at that stage and was home all day and never was there a knock on the door or a card placed in the letterbox. The mailman could offer no reason why this would have happened as it was addressed correctly.
I have nothing but utter contempt for parcel delivery contractors and I try to get the wife to order stuff from companies that don’t use Australia Post.

I suspect some couriers are less than diligent when attempting to deliver to private addresses. Often we have cards left when my son has been at home all day although it is possibly he just hasn’t heard the knock. I have an auspost account now and many suppliers provide tracking information so you can get an idea when the parcel will arrive. Auspost have a 24 hour parcel locker near us which I can redirect parcels too if I know the tracking details, or use as a delivery address. I have also had cards dropped by other couriers too though so I don’t think you can single out just Auspost (and no, I don’t work for them!)

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@TomT I agree with you about singly out Auspost .There is also 2 sides to the story . I used \to subcontract for Auspost . You would take the parcel to the door on some occasions , it would be opened but the security door locked . You would knock and a voice would yell out 'I’m on the phone , be with you shortly " You would stand there for 5-10 minutes then knock again , remember you had other customers who actually WANTED their parcels , only to be met with an abrupt "I know you are there just wait , this is an important call ". Well that’s when you fill out the card and put it in the letter box and then they have to go to the post office and que up and waste their time as they wasted mine . Good manners and courtesy cost nothing . We got to know the customers that did this more than once so always dropped a card in the letter box . They ask . They get . I don’t blame the drivers at all .

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