Combination vacuum and hard floor cleaning appliance

I would be grateful for advice on the best combined vacuum and hard floor cleaning appliance.



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That would be a vacuum cleaner of whatever type, would it not? If that is the case see

and if you had something else in mind such as a carpet steamer, or steam cleaner for tiles, or something for hardwood beyond picking up dust and dirt, what would it be?


Looking for advice on combined vacuum and hard floor mop

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Google was not much help to educate me for a ‘combined product’. Can you post an example of what you are interested in?

You can also use the community search function to find if anyone else had discussed something similar. There are topics on carpet shampooers and steam mops for example. If you are a Choice member you can also search on the choice site.

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Eg One of these

Interesting product.

We have had softwood and hardwood timber flooring in several homes including our current. We keep receiving advice DO NOT USE Water to clean! The last came from the floor polisher who sanded and sealed our latest. Hopefully Karcher have sorted this out and have an unconditional warranty against floor damage. One that will cover all types of timber, board types and timber coatings.


‘Combined vacuum and hard floor’ - Probably what is intended. - vacuuming (not carpet) and mopping a hard floor escaped me. Thanks :slight_smile:


Perhaps meant something like these?

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I meant the Karcher product ended up buying a Bissel. On my vinyl floors (hard floors are not just wooden people :slight_smile: it works well and in terms of water use, these hard floor cleaner use hundreds of millilitres not litres, so for wooden sealed floors they do well. welcome to a mechanical mop!


I/we have long vacuumed, and then damp mopped our hard floors without any issues.

The floor gets vacuumed first, and then mopped. The trick is to use a soft mop and only dampen the floor lighly; do not leave the the floor soaking wet. I recommend a warm water & metho mix (bucket of water with maybe 0.25L metho). The metho seems to speed up the drying process, and no other chemicals are required.

This process has kept all our wooden, vinyl, and tile floors looking spic and span over the years.