Collateral damage and lack of ethical behaviour by renovators

The rights of neighbours are secondary to builders and tradies. We have often experienced trespass, blocking of our driveway, placement of airconditioning motors directly opposite our lounge room window. Weekend work, outside of authorised hours. Granny flat on small block. Damage to other neighbour’s stormwater, and refusal to repair. None of the neighbours have met the owners, they live in Newcastle and are OS Doctors. Building has overrun over 8 months, and what was to be a residential property is now purely investment.

Sorry to hear about the troubles Tom. Is this situation still ongoing?

Thanks for asking, Brendan. The issues haven’t been resolved, although the renovation is now almost complete. We’re still waiting for the air-conditioner to be moved. I can provide more information, albeit would prefer to talk to someone first.

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You might be able to get some assistance from our CHOICE Help service. There’s a number on the site you can call if you prefer, or feel free to send me a direct message and I’ll put you in touch.