Coles pricing variations between stores

Coles Tooronga and Coles Middle Camberwell are 4km apart in Melbourne and their pricing may as well be too. On the same day I spotted these 2 price tags showing shaving foam at usual price of $12 (on sale at $8.40) or $8.49 (on sale at $4.24) respectively, take your pick. It seems their flagship store in Tooronga can get away with charging double, while apparently being on sale. How can this be legal?

Hi LoraD,

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The photo from the Tooronga store has the price tags placed under the wrong items. The tag to the right, under the orange cans, relates to the white cans. The ‘pure sensitive’ product is $4.24 in both stores.

This type of error, made by supermarket staff, happens far too often.


Yes I just spotted that when I enlarged the photo. I should be more alert to that.