Coles prices, country of origin, food safety, etc

I buy almonds each week and lately it’s been from Coles. They introduced a new everyday price of $7/500 grams a few months back. It soon became $7 for 400 grams and then $8 for 400 grams. Now it’s $9 for $400 grams. A MASSIVE increase.
I think they reduced the price to get a market and now they’re pushing it as far as they can go. Not happy! Not happy at all. Searching for almonds everywhere but Coles.


Try Aldi if you can. They sell good quality nuts MUCH cheaper than the prices I see at Woolworths & Coles.


Are Aldi nuts Australian?

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Hi @michelle
According to Choice’s “Country of origin of supermarket foods” they are packed in Australia from imported & local ingredients.

Greedy Coles! I agree, go to Aldis, their food is MUCH better quality and most of their food is from Europe. Food from Europe is much much better, and safer! You will notice the difference if you compare same type of foods from Aldis and Coles… you’ll see what I mean… no more bloated tums and no more feeling sick and other allergies if you get Aldis food.

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@val.horne if you’re in Sydney and looking for somewhere to try I love Green Valley Spices (I think they also have an online store?). The same price or cheaper than Coles, better selection and friendly staff. They have a selection of spices, nuts and teas. :slight_smile:


I’m going to call bullshit on this one, I’m afraid. Australian farmers produce some of the best quality food in the world.


I’ll stick the the Aussie versions then. I don’t like their pricing strategy at Coles, but I do like their nuts!


Michelle you have misunderstood! I was not talking about fresh farmer food at all! I was talking about packaged foods like frozen pizzas and all. Yes we have some awesome farmer quality food but where are they? They have been cut down by these bloody greedy Coles and Woolies company. Go try Europe food and you ll see what I mean. I am allergic to normal full cream milk HERE, but when I went to Europe last year, I drank the full cream milk there and I was fine.

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I’m still not going to support that spiel either. Sure, big companies do whatever they do to primarily make money. That is true everywhere, including Europe. It is also true of Aldi. They will sell what the customer will buy for the best return to themselves. I have eaten European food in Europe many times, and, sure, some cheeses in France are sublime, pasta in Italy is great and on and on. But our food standards here are excellent, and our food supplies are generally as good or better than elsewhere. If we want gourmet pizzas in Woolworths or Coles, we have to ask for them and not just buy the cheapest ones they supply. Personally, I ask for something in particular in Coles most times I visit, as I get really irritated with them taking all the brands down to replace with their unbranded versions. They make more money out of these, usually at the expense of the supplier or farmer. But I will not accept without substantiating proof that our food is not as good as Europe. “Europe” is a big place by the way, and the standard of food varies enormously throughout it. Even more so than Australia.


Thanks for letting me know, Tilly. I’m in regional WA so not many options here.

That is true Michelle, I have once asked Foodland for something they did not stock anymore, and they got the item in which was good. I didn’t think Coles would do the same as they have often ignored people but this is good that they will as they did for you. I get very annoyed too with the lack of choice we have now in Coles and Woolies, it is so wrong. Yes Europe does have varying standards in each country, most very good and you are right Australia have the best food standards especially when it comes to restaurants and the like, clean and all and there are good foods we can buy. Just we need to ask for them as you said, so thank you for the heads up on this one.


@val.horne … try some of the Asian or subcontinent (Indian/Sri Lankan etc) supermarkets for almonds. In Brisbane, these are one of the cheapest places to buy almonds and also most have Australian ones (that is product of Australia compared to some sold as made in Australia from local and imported ingredients). These supermarkets are also cheaper for spices and herbs as well. You you use a lot of herbs and spices, you can often buy a bag containing 3-5 times the weight/volume for around the same price as a small jar in the supermarkets.

@michelle …agree with you in relation to ‘European products’. There have been many scandals recently about food substitution in Europe to keep prices down. For example is the Italian tomato scandal whereby illegal immigrants (not ot poorly paid) are used by tomato manufacturers to keep prices down…there has also been non-Italian tomato substitutions (China and Africa) in Italian tomato products to meet the demand when seasonal production can meet canneries requirements.

Aldi is also known for walking on the edge when claiming Australian content in its supermarkets and also places pressure on its homebrand suppliers to reduce costs. This often results in loss of high quality Australian products with ingredients being imported and blended/packed in Australia…to claim and use the ‘Made in Australia’ and Australian Flags.

The other issue with imported foods is the carbon footprint (energy to ship half the way around the world) and also the lack of freshness as such foods have been in shipping/storage for some time.

I have only shopped at Aldi once and found that my basket contained significantly more imported products that I usually buy. I can also shop cheaper than Aldi by buying in season fruit and vegetables from my local butcher and green grocer. I can also shop wisely and select those processed and frozen products (tinned fruit, frozen veges etc) which still come from Australian farms.

Having lived overseas, Australia is known through out the world has having the most reliable and highest food quality and safety standards. This is why Australian products are highly sort after in some countries (e.g. milk powder in China) and have a premium price.

Unfortunately the marketing and work they do on social media of some foreign owned business leads the impression that they support local business and farmers. It is worth reading the recent senate inquiry into this and especially also what Dick Smith says. Whilst I don’t see eye to eye with Dick on many things, I agree 100% with the information he provided to the inquiry.

Such may change ones shopping patterns like we have to ensure that we retain a food production and manufacturing industry for future generations…to provide wealth, health and economic opportunities.


Their pistachios come from Robinvale Victoria.


Since Coles was in the news a few months ago due to the milk pricing issue with farmers, I wonder if big supermarkets put pressure on farmers irrespective of the industry, to contribute to these price fluctuations.

@rachelbee I think there is a whole range of measures for extracting profits. I recall in 2015 'They threatened if a supplier didn’t agree to new charges their products might not be available on Coles shelves in the future … Coles has repaid $12 million to about 100 suppliers. It looks like part of a pattern of behaviour to me.


While that may be true, as far as European food being relatively free of chemicals etc, it is a pity that you don’t support the thousands of organic certified Aussie farmers who are trying their hardest to feed us without chemicals etc. They are easy to find at farmers markets and in the stores, just look for their organic certified logos. It is worth supporting the Aussie growers to keep it local and keep jobs.


I am usual careful not to buy food from europe, as I remember the Chernobyl disaster and the reported cloud of radioactive fallout that drifted over a number of countries in western europe, I cannot help thinking some of that fallout may have got into the bio-system and food chain.

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We don’t buy the nuts from either Woolies or Coles as we are never to sure where they come from.
Bit like their bread.
Has anyone else noticed that Coles seem to be holding the price of their petrol up for a bit longer than the rest or am I imagining things ???

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A great breakdown of facts and your experiences - thanks very much!