Coles Group is very unreliable (operated by Coles) purported to sell me a digital giftcard online, which was intended as a present for a member of my work team. They took my payment of $100 immediately but never sent the e-giftcard. I called the following morning and was initially told they were super busy, but when I insisted on speaking with a supervisor was then told there has been a sending error, and that it would be sent immediately. I also emailed their support address below, without response. Nothing arrived.

I called again the next business day, and was told that the e-giftcard was issued by a third party and I should just wait. I immediately demanded a refund which I was assured would happen straight away, but no refund was received. Despite me calling yet again and demanding evidence of the refund, I have still not received anything despite a promise of a screen image of the refund, which has still to appear in my account. I was then hung up on by a ‘team leader’, who was rude and unhelpful, but most critically lied to me, prior to hanging up on me.

The website has a warning about scams…it felt to me that the website IS the scam. They took my money, never sent me the product, and now are refusing to refund me. A fraudulent operation? Keen to hear others’ experiences.

UPDATE: following various emails to them complaining, a refund has now appeared in my account. I won’t buy again from this site, and recommend others exercise caution with it.


Disgusting conduct from this business. Coles wouldn’t be happy with this. I hope they know about this. If online payment was made using PayPal (also excellent security for our details), and you made a claim as soon as this bad business didn’t deliver and didn’t supply adequate answers and support, they would have reversed transaction promptly. They don’t put up with buyers being ignored and not getting what they paid for. I’ve had a PayPal account for over 10 years and as a result I have had no issues with online purchases and my details and card info are safe and secure