Coles Generous Markdowns

After reducing markdowns in the meat department on products to as little as 10% the day before their expiry, Coles have managed to exceed even that miserly markdown.

Today I saw Red Leicester cheese which was labelled “Best Before 05 Jun 19” marked down by an incredibly generous 5%.

I guess they will simply just have to throw it all in the garbage tonight.

Surely worth a nomination for another Spot-A-Shonky?

“Best Before” does not mean “Use By”


Whilst at our local Coles this afternoon, I noticed that they had slashed the price of their fancy lamb roasts from $35/kg to a mere $15/kg.

There were lots of them, presumably from a failed Easter meal idea, so I grabbed two.

If your local Coles has any, they may even be cheaper tomorrow or Friday, which is the Best Before date.

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