Coles Beef and Meat Pies

Whilst at the supermarket today I noticed two lots of Coles brand pies. There was a 6 pack of Coles Meat Pies for $3.60 and on the shelf above was a 4 pack of Coles Beef Pies for $3.80.
Obvious the Meat pies were different to Beef in some way but what actually constitutes “Meat”?
Could it be the lesser cuts and offal off the bovine or by labeling something as “Meat” it could contain meat from other animals?

You can find the definition of meat here Meat Pies

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Have a look at the ingredients. They should list the amount of meat content as a percentage. Some brands go as little as 30% and under, which shouldn’t really be allowed to be branded as a meat pie in my opinion. Sausage rolls are just as bad. Patties sausage rolls and pies are one of the worst when it comes to minimal meat content. The rest is all fillers and they’re more pasty than meaty.

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@NubglummerySnr, the standard allows for a minimum of 25% meat. Given the definition of meat, I think this is about 25% too much. :camel:

They should be ashamed to sell such garbage or should list it in bold print as to what the consumer
is purchasing.
What about their barbecue cuts ( sausages), are they any better ??? What happened to our
Consumer protection act???

@bigmitch8, check out the Choice review for sausages - Choice Sausage Review


Read article in Choice sausage Review taken in 2013. Do the same rules remain in effect today???
Have any recent reviews been done since???
So, "80 per cent meat includes any meat including camel. rabbits, pigs, etc… plus fat and sodium. Also the Cancer Council does not recommend eating snags deli meats such as ham and
processed meats.

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So I’ve decided to spent somewhat more on good food than eating my mobile and possibly
getting brain cancer. Much thanks.

Just a fun fact, @bigmitch8: mobile phones don’t give you cancer. :slight_smile: But I can definitely back your decision of choosing better food to eat, whether it is more or less expensive.

Now, that can be disputed.
Some people look like they have a genetically grown mobile
on their ear or will they implant a mobile in the ear canal in the near future ??