Coffee pods and capsules - taste test and review

Find the best coffee capsules with the help of our taste test and review:

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… until they make one that is completely biodegradable these capsules will always leave a bad taste in my mouth …


Nespresso have recently released a new system, both machines and pods… I tried one in the store and would have loved to buy the latest machine and the one pod I tried, but can’t justify the cost of the pods compared to my existing Sunbeam espresso machine and grinder. The new pod that I tried was superior to their previous system. I presume it is too new to be included in the CHOICE review.

Get the best pods for your coffee machine with help from our review:

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It’s worth considering that there are many different supposed flavours or blends from each pod supplier.

The review may have picked the best blend from each capsule brand. I wonder how the experts would rate the range from each brand?

I have a couple of picks from one brand that are first option. They are not necessarily the same as the taste test. It might say something about my lack of taste? :rofl:

Interesting it takes us two capsules to make a half decent cup. Perhaps Nespresso has a very small standard cup? With the cost of capsules relatively expensive, the cost of two per cup suggests a manual espresso machine delivers the best value, and coffee. :wink:

As an alternative for recycling the aluminium capsules you can use a sharp box cutter to de-lid or split them. Grounds to compost. Aluminium to a bag for the recycling depot scrap metal bin.

BTW the Aldi Expressi pods are compatible with Grinders/Caffitaly machines - comparing the two brands of pod they appear close to identical, and I’ve used the Aldi pods successfully in my Caffitaly machine.

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